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Creekside Medical Center
Suite 202
The Villages, FL 32162

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MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM
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About MMTC in The Villages

Dr James Campbell works to provide cannabis education and MMJ recommendations at the Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic in the Creekside Medical Center.

MMTC maintains a primary focus of supporting patients seeking effective cannabis-based alternative treatments. The mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic core principals allow patients near The Villages continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program while keeping service costs to a minimum.

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  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC can help!

  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies only to select MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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What People Are Saying

14:50 11 Jan 22
Super friendly staff. I was very comfortable and got my desired results. would recommend to everyone. take the easy path
Robin Gutting
Robin G.
15:31 30 Dec 21
Patient, knowledgeable and kind to include all staff. Dr Campbell and staff go above and beyond making you feel comfortable. They answer questions with professionalism and in ways I can understand, thank more
20:22 27 Dec 21
MMTC staff were quite helpful and informative. My doctor was a military veteran, like me, and I found him very knowledgeable and willing to take his time explaining things to me. Thank-you MMTCread more
Daniel Days
Daniel D.
17:45 01 Dec 21
The staff were easy to talk to and knowledgeable of protocol because it was all new for me. They are professional in every aspect. They gave me lots of information to use and for me to understand what product would help me most. Thanks Dr Powell and your staff for the more
Ashleigh Moore
Ashleigh M.
20:19 17 Nov 21
Awesome first experience!! Extremely stellar staff and very knowledgeable doctor. I would recommend this office to more
Jill James
Jill J.
15:28 16 Nov 21
Awesome experience! It went super smooth and they shared the materials to educate you on what might work best for you!! ❤️❤️ The dr is very personable in helping you!read more
Bob Lang
Bob L.
21:17 09 Nov 21
Very good visit as always with Dr Campbell and Sasha. Engaging dialog on what has worked and not worked for my situation. Both are always very focused, responsive and knowledgeable.Most importantly, they care!!!!read more
Christine Rothe
Christine R.
16:09 09 Nov 21
I’m so glad I finally did this. I looked into medical marijuana for my anxiety last year but did not follow through. Recently it’s gotten so bad that I finally pulled myself together to make the appointment. Dr. Campbell was so kind, he didn’t just ask for information, we also shared some stories and I really could see that he loves being able to provide relief to people. Then I met Chris who reassured me that I was on the right track and would be feeling better soon. She had a lot of info for me to take home which even included discounts for dispensaries. Between the two of them they probably asked me 5 times if I had any questions, reassuring me that I wasn’t alone in this journey. They also do other services at the office; I might go in for a vitamin C shot to help my immune system soon. Highly recommend this group; they were professional and caringread more
Joshua Webb
Joshua W.
14:48 28 Oct 21
Very knowledgeable very simple process don’t put it off any longer just go the staff are very nice
Meridith Manning
Meridith M.
12:43 18 Oct 21
I was able to get scheduled to see a doctor fairly quickly, and was easily able to get them all my medical records. My Primary Care Physician, and I had discussed the possibility of exploring the many possibilities MedicalMarijuana may have, and after a really thorough exam, I began i grasp the myriad of different forms will have for my Doctors to treat me have at their disposal!I very much look forward to how I may begin to feel better, and slowly wean myself off of the few highly controlled substances (and the potentialy harmful side effects)I am happily looking forward to my first legal visit to a dispensary!Thank you, very much!I highly recommend Medical Marijuana Treatments clinics of Florida!read more
Amber Tidwell
Amber T.
16:31 08 Oct 21
The whole staff was extremely pleasant! They respect your time. The doctor was super nice and relatable!
Deborah Waddell
Deborah W.
15:02 23 Sep 21
For the amount of money we spend for our Medical marijuana recertification I feel the doctor should spend more time with the patient answering questions instead of rushing out the door in 6 minutes!read more
B&L Addison
B&L A.
12:53 28 Jul 21
I was very frustrated due to chronic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, the never-ending feeling that my body was breaking down, and the anxiety that all of the above was causing. I knew I was going to need more relief than my meds were giving me. After much research of my choices / options, I found what people in my situation were talking about. I found MMTC through reviews and testimonials. What did I have to lose? I went to the clinic in The Villages, FL and it was one of the best experiences I have had in many years! From Chris at the front desk, to Sasha the PA and of course, Dr. Campbell himself! They were all compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and personable! I never felt rushed - all of my questions were answered with details that were easy to understand! They all believe in the service they provide.... and it shows in every caring part of what they say and do! Go talk to them.... I highly recommend this clinic.... Don't let hopelessness and frustration rule your life!read more
Joseph Amoroso
Joseph A.
04:51 08 Jul 21
It’s always great to see Dr. Campbell, he is nice to talk to and has a great personality. The office is very professional and friendly. He cares about the wellness of his patients and it shows that he cares about my happiness. Thank YouDr. Campbellread more
Harry Eng
Harry E.
15:44 01 Jul 21
The entire staff was excellent to work with. I have had multiple back surgeries and the leg and back pain continues. I have tried everything else and this option for pain was recommended by a friend. Having never used marijuana in the past, the doctor and nurse spent as much time as I needed reviewing the program and all the options along with my questions and concerns. Looking forward to receiving my card so that I can begin trying some of the products available. Would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for insight into pain management more
Carol Maynard
Carol M.
11:50 19 Jun 21
The staff is very friendly and informative. They immediately put me at ease and I was able to have a normal conversation, as well as asking many questions. I am venturing outside my box, praying this is the answer to my need for pain relief as well as depression and more
Tina Frost
Tina F.
16:46 17 Jun 21
Without hesitation I would highly recommend Dr. Campbell and his staff at Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic (Sumter—The Villages). The process, including making an appointment on their website, was easy and these folks really do care about how you feel and helping you feel better so you ca get to enjoying a healthier more pain free lifestyle. Everyone in their office was kind and easy to talk with took their time to explain and educate. Great experience! Don't hesitate to go see these folks--they can help you!!!!read more
Tom E.
Tom E.
20:23 11 Jun 21
Hello Everybody..They are very nice at MMTC of Florida - Villages.Welcomed me. After a short wait, went to visit theDr. We converse about my pain, and how marijuanais helping deal with the pain. Very nice to deal the girlout front. Overall. Excellent. Very Nice.NamasteI Love You.Spread the Word.Tomread more
Mary Parvu
Mary P.
16:10 19 May 21
I love MMTC! They've always been absolutely, over-the-top wonderful with their patient service and care. The doctor at the office in The Villages is great and his passion for his patients and the work he does is apparent. I've seen other patients have issues on the ground at the dispensaries because of something on the doctor's side and never once in all the years I've used MMTC has that been an issue for me. Highly more
Eric Reickel
Eric R.
14:49 12 May 21
The staff could not have been more helpful. I'm new to the area, and they helped me with everything. Positive professional attitude by doctor and more
Rob Griffin
Rob G.
14:55 29 Apr 21
Sasha is great and Dr. Campbell doesn't waste your time. Choose this clinic for yours. You won't be disappointed.
Susan Thomas
Susan T.
17:51 28 Apr 21
Appointment was quick and easy to make. Doctor asked questions and listened to the answers. Staff was kind and incredibly more
Carl Petrosino
Carl P.
14:58 28 Apr 21
I was greeted by a smiling face. Was immediately helped. Personable friendly staff.
Sandra Morales
Sandra M.
17:09 15 Apr 21
Awesome team lady in the front was of great assistanced me with what I needed and made me feel comfortable. The doctor was very helpful and gave me all the information i needed pointed me in the right direction I would highly recommend them any day very more
Wes Allen
Wes A.
21:16 01 Apr 21
The staff was professional and very knowledgable. They answered all my questions and explained everything so that I understood what to more
16:29 23 Mar 21
The doctor has too many patients at a time. For paying $199 for only 10minutes. I would have. Liked to discussed more.
Stephanie CH
Stephanie C.
12:39 18 Mar 21
The office staff was attentive and the doctor took his time. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Even the online the paperwork was NOT difficult - all thanks to their easy to use website and their clear instructions for the states more
19:23 11 Mar 21
Very informative. Very helpful. Everything I needed was reviewed. Overall excellent session.
Lawrence Pelley III
Lawrence Pelley I.
15:57 04 Mar 21
Why it doesn't allow me to choose professional and good communication... I can't understand...both are true.. Been going there for 2 years...always a pleasant experience. To bad family Doctors have lost that touch of more
Raymond Przybysz
Raymond P.
18:13 25 Feb 21
Always helpful and polite! Helped me renew my card and did it by phone The Summerfield (Villages) office is fantastic!
Ryan Stienstra
Ryan S.
14:48 24 Feb 21
Very fast and professional 👌 my appointment was at 9:45. I arrived 5 minutes early and left at 9:46. Happy faces around the office!read more
Cara’s Krafty Korner
Cara’s Krafty K.
21:59 18 Feb 21
Listened to my issues, very nice and polite. Recommend highly!
Barbara Tripp
Barbara T.
19:43 10 Feb 21
The doctors that I’ve seen are great! Went over my disabilities & what may help with my pain levels. It has taken me awhile to find the right product for me , but I did finally find it. So..don’t give up .read more
Margie Hamilton
Margie H.
16:00 04 Feb 21
Staff is professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. It was a pleasant experience.
Vivian Pinkston
Vivian P.
14:48 03 Feb 21
Dr. Campbell and I had a virtual appointment and it was great. They really listen and understand what you are going through. Great facility and more
Trish Barker
Trish B.
15:51 28 Jan 21
Did a virtual visit with Dr. Campbell. He was prompt and thorough. Good experience. Thanks again.
13:02 10 Nov 20
After over a year dealing with these dispensaries and their high prices along with the doctors high prices I decided to back out of the medical marijuana program of Florida completely a number of years ago. After more than 10 unwanted emails and phone calls that I had been unsubscribed from and asked to receive no further communication this office took it upon their self to put my email back in their mailing list. Receiving an email at 6:00 in the morning from an unwanted sender that I had already unsubscribed from is seriously not a good way to do business. That pretty much explains to me that this industry is in need of more customers which means more money. I can assure you of one thing, after the purchases of my medication that some of it was mostly stick and underweight ( yes I personally weighed it on a scale) I had chose not to get ripped off anymore and decided to take my own route on my medication. I went through the being ripped off with the high prices for a little over a year when I decided that I wasn't going to get ripped off anymore. With marijuana being decriminalized all over the nation it's a lot easier to get through the black market. Once you realize the money that's spent if you are a new user you will choose the same option that I have because the pricing of the doctors in the medical marijuana that sometimes is mostly stick and more than once underweight you'll realize the same thing that I did and you'll get out of the program. It's nothing but a ripoff. I do not recommend to anyone spending the kind of money that they want to get the medical marijuana that comes from the government that you really have no idea what could be inside of the medical marijuana that they are giving you. Go to the black market it's much cheaper and if you have friends that know things it's much safer too. If you all stick together and stick to your guns they will have no choice but to drop the prices on everything. Need for one I'm in a state now that is decriminalized and carrying up to 24 grams is only $100 fine. Stick to your guns people give them no choice but to drop the prices and produce better quality if you stick with the medical marijuana. Me personally I will not smoke or take anything that comes from the government ever again!read more
the dancers
the D.
18:21 05 Sep 20
very helpful
Rebecca Tafel
Rebecca T.
15:46 05 Sep 20
It was a very pleasant environment and the staff was very helpful.
Linda Emery
Linda E.
17:26 03 Sep 20
Their process to renew was easy and I appreciated the time the Dr gave to me to figure out some issues on products I was more
Susan Campbell
Susan C.
15:03 03 Sep 20
Great staff and awesome Dr! They are all kind, patient, knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly professional. No waiting time at all! The office is clean and neat. I loved being able to make my appt and fill out all paperwork online before my first appt. The office staff seem to enjoy their job! Thank you for a great experience!read more
Miriam Henoch
Miriam H.
16:17 29 Aug 20
Everyone very courteous and helpful.
robert kline
robert K.
19:32 21 Aug 20
I use to use a clinic in Ocala that was so inconsistent with their hours and every time I went there was a whole different staff.Once I found this place I have been extremely satisfied with the staff & the doctors. They truly care about their patients. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs this more
Joe Sweeting
Joe S.
03:32 13 Aug 20
Doctor James Campbell takes time to understand how to best help you with pain or whatever your being treated for. Sasha is knowledgeable and a great help answering questions, the entire team is top notch and always there and ready to more
Deirdre Pennington
Deirdre P.
22:08 29 Jul 20
The staff and physician are very professional and helpful. I wish there was a clinic in Ocala but there are no other concerns or complaints. I have recommended and will continue to recommend family members and friends to this clinic due to the excellent staff and more
John Clifford
John C.
01:11 29 Jul 20
A most comfortable experience in every way. From the receptionist, to the nurse, to the doctor, they were all very friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable. It was obvious to me, they love their job, which is helping folks cope with more
Mrs. Candace Crowder
Mrs. Candace C.
14:51 23 Jul 20
I have been blessed to have a doctor that is open and understanding. Always has a positive attitude I brought my son with me and he is very good with children he was very positive and encouraged my son the whole timeread more
Joseph Gibbons
Joseph G.
15:21 16 Jul 20
This was my first visit to the treatment center. A friend suggested it to see if it would be helpful relieving some chronic pain. Checking in was very quick and efficient. I made sure I had the proper photo id and medical documentation. I filled out one additional form in the office and then was shone into an exam room for my visit with the physician. The exam was efficient with no time wasted waiting around. After the exam room the benefits and product types were explained. I was provided literature to explain the process and list of local dispensaries.I wish all practices could be this efficient and more
Joanna  McDaniel
Joanna McDaniel
14:49 01 Jul 20
The team is very helpful and willing to explain the process. The Dr was easy to bv talk to and helped me understand how different applications combined will help my more
Darla Kinney Scoles
Darla Kinney S.
20:13 24 Jun 20
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with MMTC in The Villages. Dr. Campbell is both thorough and thoughtful. Everyone there has a great attitude and is helpful. I’ve had some glitches rescheduling appointments through the MMTC main office, but our local staff is wonderful. You’re in good hands more
Jennifer Olvera
Jennifer O.
15:26 18 Jun 20
Everyone that works at MMTC are such wonderful people!! Very helpful and understanding! No waiting, you are just in and out in a matter of minutes. And they never forget to renew your prescription. They have everything in order and are there to help you anytime. I highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of Medical Marijuana. ❤️❤️read more
suzanne derosa
suzanne D.
21:38 14 Jun 20
Tom E.
Tom E.
17:36 11 Jun 20
Hello Everybody..They are very nice at MMTC of Florida - Villages.Welcomed me. After a short wait, went to visit theDr. We converse about my pain, and how marijuanais helping deal with the pain. Very nice to deal the girlout front. Overall. Excellent. NamasteI Love You.Spread the Word.Tomread more
cary walmsley
cary W.
16:52 03 Jun 20
Great communication. Clean, safe environment. Well organized. State of the art education materials. Emphathetic Dr.and more
03:49 23 May 20
Staff is friendly & helpful. Very satisfied with the level of care.
TheWolfWhispers .
TheWolfWhispers .
19:47 06 May 20
They are Wonderful.. The staff is amazing! They are very friendly & very helpful. They take the time to explain everything in detail.Dr. Campbell is the Best! I highly highly recommend them!read more
Brandon Andrews
Brandon A.
16:38 29 Apr 20
Everything went very professionally and smoothly at my appointment. The waiting area was moved to outside for social distancing. I was in and out in less than 5 more
Jack Campbell
Jack C.
19:44 25 Apr 20
The visit went ok. I was on time and the Doctor was on time. Went smooth. Everyone wore masks.
Connie Hughes
Connie H.
15:51 15 Apr 20
Dr. Campbell was informative regarding medications recommended for my individual conditions. Methods of delivery for some of the meds I was unsure about were explained clearly. He was personable, cordial & patient. I felt the evaluation was more
Frank Northmead
Frank N.
14:47 12 Mar 20
I can recommend this place. People were friendly and answered my questions, provided information I need and facilitated me in getting my MJ Card. I would also take note they were socially conscious in the day of the virus, and respected my social more
Don Buckey
Don B.
14:51 05 Mar 20
Actually took me before my scheduled appointment. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and encouraging. For the first time in many years, I have hope for pain more
Charles Fantl
Charles F.
20:00 05 Feb 20
Didn't have to wait. Staff and doctor were efficient, friendly and professional. Called today after visit for additional info and Chris was very more
Ellen Castle
Ellen C.
19:04 31 Jan 20
Both the doctor and the physician’s assistant are excellent at this facility. Even the receptionist is great! They freely answer questions and are well informed about product, dispensaries, more
Rich Dutka
Rich D.
15:34 04 Jan 20
EVERYONE in this office gave me the best EXPERIENCE I have ever had. The minute I walked in the door I felt like I was at home. In the past I went through different situations at doctors offices where I didn't feel as welcome as I did here. ALL of the staff was ready to answer any questions I had and worked with me to complete my mission. My injury is PERSONAL. Sharing it with anyone is hard to do. Usually people in the past, have an answer before I even finish telling them my story without really listening. The associate who helped me was very nice. Her name was Sasha. She was very intellectual, open-minded and helped me with all my problems. Dr. Campbell took my case serious and he listened to me. He didn't take ANYTHING for granted. He didn't treat me like just another patient. We worked TOGETHER to make a plan pertaining to my injury. The first medical marijuana doctors office I attended the doctor didn't seem to give a hoot about my problems. He was more interested in making money, which in return made me leave him. At the end of this visit with Dr. Campbell, I was in no rush to leave. I look forward to my next appointment 😁read more
Leonard Veraldi
Leonard V.
14:59 03 Jan 20
Really good experience. Chris was helpful and efficient..Dr Campbell was outstanding. Answered all my questions and provided helpful info.Overall excellent.Len Veraldiread more
Tim Long
Tim L.
17:09 17 Dec 19
All of the staff that I had contact with were very friendly. They took the time to explain everything to me. Even repeating the answers until I understood. I would recommend this office to everyone. Chris at the front desk is a awesome standout individualread more
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