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About MMTC in Fort Walton Beach

Dr. Michelle Beasley is the first medical doctor in the Pensacola area to accept new patients for treatment with medical marijuana. Currently she is most commonly treating patients with cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures, but is qualified and specially trained to work with patients with other conditions. Dr. Beasley has a background as a practicing pediatrician.

Dr. Beasley brought her previous medical marijuana practice under the MMTC umbrella and now oversees the Fort Walton location.

The MMTC mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic core principals allow patients in the Panhandle continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program while keeping service costs to a minimum.

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Veterans Discount

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  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

Patient Transfer


Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC can help!

  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies only to select MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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What People Are Saying

Arielle Leal
Arielle L.
14:23 18 Jan 22
Dr. Barber is amazing! She is so helpful and willing to answer all of your questions. She’s so personable and truly cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone! The other staff at the MMTC is very friendly and helpful as well! It has always been a good experience there. Thank you guys!read more
Ann Vaughan
Ann V.
17:03 12 Jan 22
What a wonderful experience, Dr Barber actually listens to her patients. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and kind. I have never been to a better doctor, ever. She is absolutely the best!The office staff is organized and helpful more
Caley Sanchez
Caley S.
16:01 12 Jan 22
appointment was to renew my prescription after an issue with a previous doctor and Dr Baber made the transition very easy! She was kind and very informative. The staff were also nice and ready to answer any questions!read more
Andie Abrams
Andie A.
16:17 08 Jan 22
I had a wonderful experience with the doctor and her assistant. They made me feel like I wasn't at a doctors appointment but a girls get together. It was a lovely experience. See you in 6 months! ✌️✨📿🧘💕read more
04:03 02 Jan 22
Great staff. Professional and friendly. Always on time and out quick. Always available for answering any questions.
Redd Charlot
Redd C.
23:09 15 Dec 21
This clinic is awesome and really care about your well-being. They are very informative about the different treatments that can help you. This clinic displays professionalism and have a friendly more
Melissa Fry
Melissa F.
12:46 10 Dec 21
The entire experience was great and the people there are all so nice and make the process as easy as possible. If you’re nervous, don’t be. They are truly there to help. Dr. Barber was so sweet and easy to talk to and everyone there really takes their job serious. Highly recommend!!!read more
Crystal Miller
Crystal M.
16:33 26 Nov 21
From the front desk to the Dr. They were all 3 very sweet ladies and ran the office great! I was there for a follow up appointment and was in and out within 20 mins and everything went well! See you ladies next time! Thanks again!read more
Shawn Coughlan
Shawn C.
16:42 23 Nov 21
I was very pleased with the staff and how efficient they were. Doctor Barber is extremely knowledgeable and is very passionate about her profession; I found that very refreshing. Highly recommend!read more
Katie Fojtasek
Katie F.
01:38 22 Nov 21
Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. If you have any questions or concerns, the staff here can easily answer you and make you feel comfortable. 10/10read more
16:15 20 Nov 21
MMTC has the best customer service and caring staff. I could not be happier. Then doctor explained the different product delivery methods and suggested the correct dosage for each more
Brittnee Wilson
Brittnee W.
20:52 11 Nov 21
This place is awesome. Amazing doctor. She's very understanding and easy to talk with. The appointments are quickly made. The process is fast. I would highly recommend MMTC!read more
Ashton Tobias (TobyAsh)
Ashton Tobias (.
04:31 05 Nov 21
Good experience. Even though the site to apply for my actual card was a little difficult to navigate, I simply called the helpline and was directed appropriately. Thanks guys!read more
Joelle Welch
Joelle W.
17:56 02 Nov 21
I love Dr. Barber! She is so sweet and really cares about you and tries her best to facilitate your needs. She has a very outgoing personality and very friendly more
Sarah Micholick
Sarah M.
20:26 26 Oct 21
My experience with Dr Barber and her staff were great. Appointment scheduling was easy I did it online. They called me to make sure I knew to bring records, plus I got reminder emails, and texts so I wouldn’t forget my appointment. Dr Barber was great. I have no experience what so ever with cannabis and she did a great job putting me at ease and getting to know me. She went over all my conditions and explained in detail everything and gave me some recommendations for my conditions. She provided helpful pamphlets to take home so I could understand the science better. Overall aGreat experience and I would recommend her office to anyone that is considering medical marijuana treatmentread more
Andrew Unite
Andrew U.
17:02 22 Oct 21
The staff are all professional and polite. My appointment went smooth and i had no issues. I would recommend anybody who is interested to go to this more
Dennis Bergeron
Dennis B.
16:24 20 Oct 21
I had an 11am appointment, walked in early,they were able to process me and my paperwork. Friendly and helpful staff was done before my scheduled appointment.Beautiful ++read more
Hunter Hill
Hunter H.
16:51 05 Oct 21
Excellent and professional staff. Was very helpful and provide me with great information to help me make a educated decision on the use of marijuana as a pain reliever. Special thanks to Dr Barber and RN Kelly. I would highly recommend this facility to any one considering this option over more
Destiny Arnold
Destiny A.
16:04 08 Sep 21
I was very nervous going into the clinic at first. This was my first experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The office staff was professional and really helpful. The doctor was so kind and down to earth. Would definitely more
Best doctors visit I've ever had. They are very professional and have a great welcoming staff. I suffer from high anxiety around strangers but they make you feel comfortable and it was a fairly a quick process from the waiting room on to be seen by the doc. She was very understanding and listened to what i had to say answered all my questions and helped my husband understand the process and medications as well. They did my card application for me all i had to do once i got home was upload my photo i.d. and pay the app fee. Took about 9 days for the card to be approved and all i can say is this is the first medication that has actually helped. The quality of life has been great since i started. Thank you so much 💜2 years later I still feel the same. They are more
Chellisa Ryon
Chellisa R.
16:24 22 Jul 21
Medical Marijauna Treatment Clinic is the Best! They really took the time to understand my needs and answered all my questions. The office is professional and they get you right in at your appointed time which is always appreciated. Everyone there was welcoming, caring, and super helpful! Thank you:)read more
Andie Abrams
Andie A.
16:08 22 Jul 21
I had a wonderful experience with the doctor and her assistant. They made me feel like I wasn't at a doctors appointment but a girls get together. It was a lovely experience. See you in 6 months!read more
16:43 16 Jul 21
The Staff here make things easy! They are so welcoming and friendly! Everything is explained as you go! All the things you need to fill out for the State is on a tablet. That makes it a breeze!! Dr. Barber makes you feel comfortable, takes time to listen and gives great advice! I have been recommending this office to everyone!read more
Marisa Hutchinson
Marisa H.
17:53 15 Jul 21
The doctor was very nice. I never have issues with my prescription. Love the staff here!
Linda Thornton
Linda T.
17:30 13 Jul 21
As a doctor myself, I was truly impressed. No waiting in a doctors office for over an hour. Everyone had a GREAT work ethic. One stop shopping. If you need MMJ this is the place to goread more
Erin Savage
Erin S.
17:10 07 Jul 21
Omg. The nicest, most pleasant and fast service ever. The ladies in the office run a tight ship. No waiting, right to the point and so nice. I was a transfer patient and they made the transition so easy. Thanks for being great. Highly recommend this more
Greg Sutton
Greg S.
16:20 01 Jul 21
Doc and the staff are top notch in every way. From the front-desk experience on; they’re really the only medical professionals I see on a regular basis that don’t treat their patients like dirt-bags, and it’s more
Alyssa Kogutz
Alyssa K.
16:19 17 Jun 21
Overall a great experience!! Dr. Barnes was very kind and knowledgeable. This was my first experience with getting my medical card and it was a great one. The office was clean and decorated beautifully. Highly recommend!read more
Julie Jaworski
Julie J.
17:59 10 Jun 21
Very personable office. Everyone was very nice and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Happy I went there.
Nickemia Clark
Nickemia C.
20:08 25 May 21
I respect the knowledge and professionalism shown in this office. I've always observed the staff and specifically the lady at the front desk to always be concise, knowledgeable, respectful and professional. I've come to observe this in every person that I've come across in this office. Its clean, has adequate space, well ventilated. One of the few businesses that are quietly and passively true to the purpose and mission of the medicinal marijuana program all while providing a much needed service with care, expertise and more
harley swamprat
harley S.
16:33 20 May 21
The staff and Doctor at MMTC are fabulous people. Have been with them for a couple years now and have never had a single issue. The receptionist is a wonderfully happy lady Dr Laura Barber is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Absolutely love this office!read more
Crystal Miller
Crystal M.
16:03 20 May 21
From the front desk to the Dr. They both were very sweet ladies and ran the office great for as busy as they were! I was there for an hour but everything went well! See you ladies next time! Thanks again!read more
Zachary Fleming
Zachary F.
16:31 04 May 21
As I entered uncertain about the process but ready to proceeding towards an alternative method to make my daily routines more comfortable, I was greeted with ease and swiftness.The receptionist was quick with the process of getting myself and information properly inputted as well as keeping me informed. After just maybe 10 minutes was brought back by the Dr.. She is amazing, great humor and very informative on the process. We had a slight hiccup a (Pterodactyl insect lizard thing needed eviction) guess you had to be there haha. The entire staff were very kind and helpful. The Dr. Made sure I fully understood what my next step was and my treatment plan expectations. Made sure I knew my time frames. I will continue to go here for all follow upsread more
Dorie Long
Dorie L.
15:59 26 Apr 21
I was a transfer patient. From start to finish my experience was wonderful. Dr Barber was awesome to talk with. Educational and recommended different ways for me to deal with my migraines.Differently would more
Chelsey Smith
Chelsey S.
15:47 22 Apr 21
Great special for current patients switching doctors. The process was simple and quick. The dr. set up my scripts to pick up when the old ones expired and my scripts are scheduled for 7 months out. I appreciate how simple the process was. Thanks guys!read more
Keasha Jones
Keasha J.
18:52 20 Apr 21
I am very pleased I transferred to this clinic. Everyone has been super helpful and extremely friendly. Thank you guys so much for all of the information and for making this process stress more
Eazy E
Eazy E
16:04 08 Apr 21
My appointment went smoothly as expected. All my questions and concerns were addressed.I was well informed on dosing and treatment options I waa unaware of.I will definitely be back in the more
Vicki Sloan
Vicki S.
18:40 18 Mar 21
Very nice staff. This was my first initial visit and from paperwork at the front counter to the conversation with the doctor, I was very pleased. I also thought that the reminder text, emails were very helpful as well. Given my experience, there’s no reason why you should be going in there more
hany aly
hany A.
16:09 11 Mar 21
Very nice , knowledgeable and helpful staff. You will feel comfortable discussing your issues with Dr Barber. Then they will guide you to how to deal with the state register. Keep the good more
Tina Horak
Tina H.
18:43 02 Mar 21
Always makes me aware of new products that will help me. Concerned about my care and let's me know if new stores opening close to me. Very more
Elizabeth Ceccorulli
Elizabeth C.
03:08 26 Feb 21
The Dr is very nice and very helpful. She always gives all the updated info on products. Very happy with my experience more
Joshua Anderson
Joshua A.
00:38 19 Feb 21
This was by far, the best doctors office experience have ever had! Everyone was happy, down to earth and very enthusiastic about helping. My doctor was very thorough with explaining all the details and answering my questions. Looking forward to my follow-up!read more
Beachy Geeg
Beachy G.
17:21 18 Feb 21
After years of suffering through ptsd and anxiety and with the encouragement of my friend, I finally made an appointment. I too was nervous at first, but hey, I have anxiety. Lol. The staff was incredible and NOT ONE person made me feel out of place. The process went very fast and very smooth. Dr Barber answered all of my questions. I walked out that day with a huge sense of relief. I felt like someone was finally listening to my needs and NOT pushing another pill on me. Thanks girl!read more
Great experience. Very helpful and informative. Highly recommend to everyone.They listen and are very knowledgeable on all products and how they help with either body pain or emotional more
Donald Mashburn
Donald M.
20:47 11 Feb 21
Be prepared and everything will go smoothly. The staff was super friendly and answered all my questions. Highly recommended!read more
Sarah Wilson
Sarah W.
16:03 02 Feb 21
Dr Barber and her staff are so informative as well as warm and friendly. I was nervous going into this appointment and they put me completely at ease. I can’t recommend their clinic enough!read more
Vivian Lynn
Vivian L.
15:04 28 Jan 21
Above and beyond customer service and care. They have made everything so easy and understanding.
Debra Owens
Debra O.
20:51 27 Jan 21
Fast, friendly, and professional staff. Felt 100% comfortable my first visit! Thanks again!
Tyler Bradshaw
Tyler B.
17:33 27 Jan 21
Very pleased... Everyone is very educated n knowledgeable.. friendly n professional would recommend to anyone
Curtis Mcgraw
Curtis M.
06:26 13 Oct 20
Pleased with Doctor and staff, will definitely share personal information with friends and family privately as my business with Physicians is not for general public knowledge thank more
Mary Grivakis
Mary G.
00:43 15 Sep 20
Due to the virus, we did the telecommunications visit, would not seem to work for me, so the doctor called me direct. Everything went very smooth from more
Kaye Gustafson
Kaye G.
17:29 01 Sep 20
Excellent! Highly recommend!!
Jeremy Galigher
Jeremy G.
18:58 27 Aug 20
Dr. Barber is so helpful and sincerely cares for her patients well being. Would recommend MMTC over anywhere else.
Lacie Wooten
Lacie W.
16:26 27 Aug 20
I love the ladies here! They're very sweet and helpful.
Shellamae Tucker
Shellamae T.
03:10 27 Aug 20
I have recently been able to renew by telemed....this was great...i love the no hoops.
17:05 13 Aug 20
Very professional patient upkeep. Very adaptive to my unexpected change in appointment time, which they worked with me patiently as we adjusted around my next availability with another time better suited to me.Very helpful. Thank more
Ann Bratton
Ann B.
17:45 11 Aug 20
The people that work there are very nice and informative. I had a very positive experience during my visit. I do recommend this more
Kira Flint
Kira F.
12:14 07 Aug 20
Nothing but excellent customer service from the second you walk in the door.Very understanding and upfront about everything you need to know. They took care of everything, all is good here! On a side note, it took 7 business days to get my card. Thank you all!read more
Velda Cooper
Velda C.
02:18 07 Aug 20
Wonderful Doctor! Great service and quality care. I know she cares and understands her patients
Kira Flint
Kira F.
16:18 31 Jul 20
Nothing but excellent customer service from the second you walk in the door. Very understanding and upfront about everything you need to know. They took care of everything, all is good here!read more
Zack Morris
Zack M.
18:03 29 Jul 20
Lied to me 2 times and waited until I took off work to come down there to tell me stuff isn't correct for (their place)!!!I've had my card for a year, first doc passed away and second one had to shut down due to Covid.Lady at front is rude and lies through her teeth!!!This place is a joke if I've ever seen one!!!Hole in the wall, fly by night, just here for your money business. They dont care about your time or money you're losing to be there trying to give them money!I also called the BBB as well as writing them a long email about the whole more
Michelle LeAnn Cameron
Michelle LeAnn C.
16:11 28 Jul 20
I think they are doing the best they can considering..... you can go in to pay but need to wait in your car till it's your turn. .....If you need to use the restroom you will gave to drive down the block to the gas more
Morgan Adams
Morgan A.
16:55 17 Jul 20
I absolutely love the Doctor at this clinic. I was very nervous and on edge also embarrassed when first arriving, After I was called back to her office to go over my situation she made me feel more comfortable and at ease and less embarrassed and also explained everything within great detail. Everyone within the office is very polite nice and understanding which is so reassuring especially for someone like myself that has very bad anxiety. I would recommend the Fort Walton clinic to anybody who needs itread more
Susan McDonald
Susan M.
16:40 16 Jul 20
I throughly enjoy my appointments with the doctors. They share all the knowledge they acquire with the patient. They are there for the patient and they listen to ya. Refreshing since doctors today seem to think they know everything and have nothing left to more
Michael Bass
Michael B.
16:07 14 Jul 20
I called & the rep changed my appointment to video chat. What a blessing.The office staff called promptly at my appointment time & the Dr. was on the within minutes. 5 stars & 2 thumbs up !!!read more
Hope Simoneau
Hope S.
16:02 14 Jul 20
The staff was very nice and patient. Very helpful with my concerns and my questions. Would highly recommend anyone to go to them for their needs. Very knowledgeable about what they do and to them your safety and well-being comes firstread more
J yevone Turner
J yevone T.
19:26 12 Jul 20
This is new to me. I was nervous, unsure. The staff was helpful in product info, knowledgeable about my medical issues. I have not found total success yet but much better. I am optimistic that with the Dr, staff support I will find improved quality of more
Stephen Lugenbeel III
Stephen Lugenbeel I.
06:48 03 Jul 20
Super fast and friendly process. It used to take two months my brother said!
Cindy Wilker
Cindy W.
16:17 02 Jul 20
Organized. On time. Professional. Beware NO RESTROOM due to Covid—19. Otherwise, perfect.
Ashley Nichalson
Ashley N.
19:56 24 Jun 20
Excellent customer service immediately when you enter the facility, the front desk manager was delightful and helpful. The check-in process was easy to navigate and the doctor was wonderful! She was knowledgeable, and very helpful with navigating me through the process, as it is all new to me. Great experience all around!read more
tana brock
tana B.
17:54 23 Jun 20
The staff were very friendly. The building was clean and everyone had masks. I was nervous but it was good. Didn’t take long in the more
19:55 30 Apr 20
Highly recommend this Clinic because the Staff was Professional and very helpful. Doctor Barber was very caring and understanding. She listened and had compassion for me as a Veteran with serious Health issues. She ensured that my needs were taken care of so I can get the Natural products I need to take care of my heath issues. Outstanding Customer Service!read more
delaney minshew
delaney M.
21:56 19 Mar 20
Lauren was great! She answered all of my questions and eased my anxiety regarding the process.
Tina Erwin
Tina E.
18:02 20 Feb 20
Professional and Caring, wonderful staff. So encouraging to feel like I might be able to get some relief!
Aaron Wammock
Aaron W.
23:14 10 Feb 20
Awesome staff, the receptionist was very nice and efficient, the nurse was very knowledgeable and helped with recommendations, and the doctor was extremely understanding and helpful along with personalized recommendations for my conditions. I felt extremely welcomed in all aspects. If you come in with the proper records and you qualify, the process will be very easy. I was in and out in 30 minutes with very little wait time. They also offered a veteran’s discount, which I truly appreciated, and they accepted my VA medical claims and records. If you’re a veteran with service-connected disabilities that qualify under state law, bring your completed VA claim with you and make this process easy for yourself. I would highly recommend them, and I look forward to working with them in the more
Samantha Doscher
Samantha D.
18:24 06 Feb 20
Facility was very clean, organized and had informational material everywhere. The front office staff were polite and quick with getting patients checked in. Dr. Laura Barber was very informative, thorough and took her time with each patient she had. She treats you with the utmost respect and is very understanding. This experience was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you MMTC of Fort Walton Beach, I highly recommend this facility and everyone that works within more
Stacey Holden
Stacey H.
16:10 06 Feb 20
I had a very pleasant visit here. The staff are extremely helpful and very nice, they went out of their way to help guide me through the process and Dr. Barbara is so nice and very compassionate and caring and really wants to help you. How refreshing that is! I known you will be very happy and glad you chose this place! Trust me! Thank you the whole staff and Dr B!God Bless you ALL!!read more
Chris Rust
Chris R.
15:17 09 Dec 19
WAS very happy with them until they told me I was "maxed out" per their policy! Seriously? You took my money and then won't let me have enough to get me through my recommendation? Not our fault the dispensaries are always out!read more
Cliff Y
Cliff Y
22:07 02 Dec 19
Front desk receptionist is very aggressively assertive with her "knowledge". Turns away "new" patients and refuses to let them make an appointment to see the DOCTOR based on her opinions of their medical records and profile. Points to signage on the desk instead of communicating the answer verbally. Could be very racist as people of her color were witnessed as being treated with much more respect and common courtesy as you would expect from a receptionist. Refused to honor or even speak about a price difference in advertised price versus what is listed on the MMTC web-site. Doctor and Nurse here are VERY nice and helpful. Unfortunately, their receptionist brings down my overall rating of this more
20:43 05 Nov 19
Highly recommend this Clinic because the Staff was Professional and very helpful. Doctor Barber was very caring and understanding. She listened and had compassion for me as a Veteran with serious Health issues. She ensured that my needs were taken care of so I can get the Natural products I need to take care of my heath issues. Outstanding Customer Service!read more
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