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About MMTC in Lakeland

Dr Esther Echevarria is a qualified recommending doctor & Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics Partner in Lakeland.

As a Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics Partners in Lakeland, Dr Echevarria maintains a primary focus of supporting patients seeking effective cannabis-based alternative treatments. The mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic core principals allow patients continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program while keeping service costs to a minimum.

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Veterans Discount

10% OFF

  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

Patient Transfer


Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC can help!

  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies only to select MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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What People Are Saying

Ashley Stull
Ashley S.
13:59 13 Jan 22
It was a pleasurable experience. I transferred over from a clinic in Brandon and my first visit was only $49 since I was transferring. They got me in and out of there in about 40 minutes and kept my prescription amount the same which was fine by me, I didn’t need an increase so didn’t ask for one. Will be referring my family members w cards to this clinic for sure. Oh and they said they give discount towards next visit for each referral I send which is what my last clinic did. I don’t remember if they said it was 10 or 15% off for each person but either way I like to save money and that’s one way to do more
Corey Joerin
Corey J.
19:30 01 Jan 22
This place is awesome. I would like to take this review back however since it was sitting at 420 reviews prior to this one. I apologize. Still 5 more
Maria Rodriguez (LadyChatia)
Maria Rodriguez (.
14:50 12 Nov 21
the receptionist is very friendly and knowledgeable. She takes the time to help you with any information you may need. The doctor helps you with treatment info and keeps track of your progress. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth it. Highly more
Marian Ayala
Marian A.
13:16 04 Nov 21
Everyone was kind and so helpful. When I asked questions they were very happy to answer. The Dr was very thorough.So many new products.Excellentread more
Dawn “Babe66”
Dawn “.
14:12 27 Oct 21
They’re always so kind and welcoming. Never judge mental. Willing to answer questions and help in anyway they can. Awesome staffread more
Maryse C.
14:06 14 Oct 21
Cost for medical marijuana is ridiculously high. (No pun intended) You have to pay for a doctor twice a year that comes to about $300. Then you have to get a license with the state of Florida, that cost $75, that’s not so bad. I think the initial start up cost is $500, and then the cost for the actual medicine cost hundreds of dollars more!read more
Joshua Dancy
Joshua D.
22:57 13 Oct 21
Their office and waiting area is really nice. The staff was helpful. I have been going here for over 2 yrs. Unfortunately the doctor could no longer prescribe the allotment Im approved for. Not sure why/when things changed. I was issued a refund & all orders more
Keith Pendleton
Keith P.
13:21 08 Oct 21
Great staff, nurse, and doctor! They listen to my concerns as well as response to different types of treatments available. They really care about the person and they do all they can to give you a better opportunity for a exciting new beginning on life!!!read more
Julia Greene
Julia G.
13:24 08 Sep 21
MMTC staff were jovial, kind and answered any questions I had. Friendly environment. Dr. Echevarria was very nice. Thank you, more
Barb Kulp
Barb K.
16:21 04 Aug 21
I have no problems or complaints. Everyone in the office is polite, friendly and helpful. The Dr has made suggestions that have improved my quality of life she has never been rude or made me feel uncomfortable. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs help. The dr is very knowledgeable and put me on the right more
Relentless Warrior
Relentless W.
17:56 26 Jul 21
Very smooth process and excellent Dr. - he was very informative and thorough. He provided recommendations and explained all other options that would work for me. I got to dispensary and the recommendation was not showing. I called the Dr. who had already left the office and he got it all figured out within 15 mins. He went above and beyond and I appreciate that very much. Highly recommend!!read more
nope nope
nope N.
19:35 25 Jul 21
The process was fast, easy and, dare I say, fun! The educator was really kind and funny. Straightforward process. Thanks MMTC!read more
Reverend Vito DiCantante
Reverend Vito D.
13:54 25 Jul 21
The Doctor and the staff were wonderful, caring, and answered all of my questions. More importantly, they truly listened to me.That kind of service in the medical field is, sadly, harder and harder to find. Thanks!read more
Monique Gunderson
Monique G.
19:20 24 Jun 21
Dr E always has my orders right and she is very thorough. I love the televisits !
Regina Granat
Regina G.
13:22 24 Jun 21
What an excellent experience! From the receptionist, to the nurse, to the doctor, everyone was pleasant and very happy to share their knowledge. I felt heard! Someone actually listened to my medical issue and understood how they could help, instead of just passing me off and saying, “see you in 3 months.” I was so pleased with more
Emily Doty
Emily D.
16:22 11 Jun 21
Love this place! I able to get a same day appointment and the whole process was fast and easy. The nurses were extremely helpful, knowledgeable , and caring. 10/10 recommendread more
renee varney
renee V.
18:46 19 May 21
Very kind and knowledgeable! This is the only treatment clinic I will ever go to. They are wonderful!
Fawn Gray
Fawn G.
15:07 12 May 21
Doctor and staff were very helpful. Everything was explained in detail. I didn't wait even 5 minutes in the waiting more
Phantom Jerker
Phantom J.
13:20 05 May 21
This was just an excellent appointment. Took a little bit to finally get back to see Doc but they were a little busy and it was my first time so I always expect a little bit longer for those. The lady up was spot on with every single piece of advise on the procedures she told me and was excellent. Both pure professionalism. I actually can’t believe I’m saying it, but I left a doctors office in Florida feeling like the staff actually cared bout me receiving some relief from my issues. Unreal stuff. 👍read more
BJ Grace
13:18 23 Apr 21
Very awesome Doctor and staff! Prices went up but still worth it! I’m very happy with the service I receive from MMTC Lakeland!read more
Mr Towelie
Mr T.
23:38 15 Apr 21
Another amazing visit. I’ve been going here since they’ve opened and they are a great office. Dr. is open minded and gives her patients what they need. Offers a lot of different ideas and treatments. Great place to start or maintain your MMJ! Thank U MMTC !read more
BJ Grace
12:34 07 Apr 21
Very awesome Doctor and staff! Super friendly and helpful they make you feel at ease! I was very nervous going to my appointment but that didn’t last long as I met with the staff! Very professional!read more
Nita Leslie
Nita L.
02:44 11 Mar 21
Everyone was polite and friendly. The experience was a great one. I was nervous but everyone made me feel at ease. The staff made it clear that the help didn’t stop in the office, if I needed anything just give them a more
Leah mccormick
Leah M.
15:13 10 Mar 21
The process was painless. The doctor was kind and caring. She explained everything well.My only complaint is the cost.$180 every 6 month seems high for 7 min on the phone. Maybe that's average. I will be looking around for better more
Very professional and super helpful with getting everything setup for your medical marijuana card. Great discount plans in more
James Vinson
James V.
10:49 22 Feb 21
Process was easier to sign up than it is for signing up for a library card. Management was clear and concise with their explanation of how everything works and they answered my questions with precise detailread more
Lynne Tucker
Lynne T.
13:52 10 Feb 21
Dr. Echevarria is great! I always feel very comfortable talking to her about my needs.. And so is everyone that works at MMTC! I have my life back! Thank you 😊read more
Barb Kulp
Barb K.
14:07 04 Feb 21
I have no problems or complaints. Everyone in the office is polite, friendly and helpful. The Dr has made suggestions that have improved my quality of life she has never been rude or made me feel uncomfortable. I really do like this officeread more
Traci Meisel
Traci M.
13:36 03 Feb 21
Long wait and short appointment.... Very expensive to be seen for less than 1 minute... It is almost unaffordable when you are on a fixed income... Rhis medicine is so much better than pills but goodness cant wait for the price to go downread more
Cindy Rivera
Cindy R.
16:29 02 Feb 21
MMTCFL were very welcoming, nice & helpful. Very easy process, wonderful staff & Dr. Esther Echevarria-Crespo is amazing & made my transition from Prozac to Medical Marijuana very more
frank cordaro
frank C.
23:46 31 Jan 21
Knowledgeable and informative. Very pleasant and corteous.
Byron Kelly
Byron K.
13:48 29 Jan 21
The call was efficient and effective, and all of my questions and concerns were addressed.The time was well utilized.
Wallace Nelson
Wallace N.
13:22 28 Jan 21
I am impressed. The service was Quick and to the point. I didn’t know that this will take such a short period of time but that is great. I am looking forward to continuing to receive service from this more
Patricia Kim LaFountain-Dalrymple
Patricia Kim L.
01:20 28 Jan 21
I am a patient. The office is very easy to find. Parking is very close and always available. The doctor and staff are very friendly and look out for the patient and their needs!read more
Libby Smith
Libby S.
10:16 27 Jan 21
Staff is very courteous and professional. Doctor is genuinely interested in determining what product is best for your needs. Great experience with this more
Carlinto Bunkarizo
Carlinto B.
02:37 17 Sep 20
Marvelous staff they helped me get the medicine I needed. Even lightened the mood and removed these bad stigmas on cannabis. I'm grateful I was helped by their knowledgeable staff. This place is one of supreme location, prompt service. If you want to be helped and seen in s timely manner I'd suggest you give them a chance to please you. The price may be standard but they'll cut you slack your first time around, if you transfer in. But what would make this page top of the line to me if they'd continue giving you that priceread more
Susan Fiscus
Susan F.
19:21 14 Sep 20
Friendly, efficient and helpful staff.
Raynette Alexander
Raynette A.
14:10 14 Sep 20
A doctor that cares and a friendly staff!! All around positive experience!!!
Bruce Dent
Bruce D.
23:55 29 Aug 20
Very professional and helpful. Know what you need, and get it to you.
Tammy Gates
Tammy G.
15:19 16 Jul 20
This was a very positive experience overall. Everyone was pleasant and informative.The Receptionist very deftly handled new and returning patients in the clinic. She was very organized and thorough and maintained a calm atmosphere as she provided intake and assistance with form completion to a myriad of personalities with different levels of knowledge about medical marijuana.The center's nurse provided information onthe state's website and on available dispensories in our area. She showed examples of how the products are packaged and reviewed the numerous ways that MM can be ingested. As someone new to cannabis and cannaboids, I found her information very helpful.The doctor reviewed my medical history to confirm that I met the qualifications for MM. She was friendly and open to my pain management doctor tapering me off of my current pain medication and sleep aide as I begin MM. I highly recommend this office for management of more
Bella Perez-Vitti
Bella P.
19:03 03 Jul 20
So helpful, Courtious, And Compassionate!! They deserve more than 5 stars. As a cancer patient it matters who you can GET THE BEST DOCTORS WHO LISTEN TO YOU!!Big Thank you For all your help in getting everything done for me easy!!read more
Roger Kratky
Roger K.
14:06 24 Jun 20
The most helpful and professional staff I have ever felt with. And that includes my primary care physician. MMTC treated me like a human. Highly recommended!read more
Danny Vega
Danny V.
17:25 23 Jun 20
I was denied care at this facility because I refused to wear a mask. One of the very reasons why I have a medical card in the first place would dictate that I am not required to wear a mask. I’m extremely disappointed, as I went to this location twice, and was told that Dr. Echavarria would not see me without a mask. If anyone encounters this issue and is curious who they can see without being required to wear a mask, I just found CanAna MD in Tampa (I have no affiliation with them whatsoever).read more
rebecca Welcher
rebecca W.
15:06 24 May 20
WAS not told before appointment we needed to bring a dx with us fortunately I brought an x-ray report with us or we would not been seenhowever my son had an appointment and had been seen by another doctor in i different county and did not have a DX with him and could not be seen. My son made an appointment with the doctor I was seeing so he could take us and see the doctor at the same time. We live one & half hour from my son and he is hard for him to get time off as he has his own plumbing business. He was very upset because he needed that more
Becky Ostendorp
Becky O.
22:34 20 May 20
The staff and experience were great! All very knowledgeable and helpful.
Libby Smith
Libby S.
13:43 20 May 20
Staff is very courteous and professional. Doctor is genuinely interested in determining what product is best for your needs. Great experience with this more
Sue Tanner
Sue T.
13:25 14 May 20
Very pleasant, efficient doctor and staff! Also very knowlegable and helpful.
stephanie rapke
stephanie R.
19:20 07 May 20
I liked everything except the doctor. I was told in advance that I would spend an hour with a doctorate. She spent 15 minutes with me she did not greet me warmly. She's a very strong accent I had difficulty understanding what she said. She does not explain much about the Medicaid marijuana medications. She told me to look something up on the Internet. She told me that most of my questions would be answered by the nurse however the nurse put me through the registration procedure and didn't have time to answer questions. I did like the nurse very much more
Justin Derrick
Justin D.
13:53 15 Apr 20
Professional staff. Staff and Doctor are knowledgeable and they demonstrate a sincere interest in their patients. Very pleasant more
Ernie Buie
Ernie B.
13:26 10 Apr 20
The overall experience was efficient and completed in a helpful and friendly manner. The process moves along and finishing with the doctor who carefully explains options and how to proceed in choosing the correct product for your needs. Would recommend MMTC this clinic to anyone trying to decide where to more
Cameron Ellsworth
Cameron E.
13:19 26 Mar 20
Very professional staff! I would highly recommend. They are very compassionate and understanding of conditions and which products would enhance the quality of life of the specific more
William Mignoli
William M.
13:37 12 Mar 20
great price for transfer patients. staff is extremely knowledgable and the doctor is pleasant and on time.!..
Robert Crain
Robert C.
13:19 12 Mar 20
It was fast direct and educational and everyone was very respectful and I’m very happy to have gone to their great place and great peopleread more
dg hn
dg H.
20:55 11 Mar 20
Would recommend to anyone. Front desk. Nurse. Dr. All good people. very understanding. done with compassion and understanding. Same treatment for my 6 month follow up. Great people. All.👍😀read more
Sharon Humphrey
Sharon H.
22:56 04 Mar 20
I am 72 yr. Young and know nothing about marijuana, what's the best to buy, different strains that are amazing, etc. etc. etc. The employees were of great help to me and they were professional.Now I am feeling no pain!!read more
Jodi Moats
Jodi M.
16:36 19 Feb 20
Reception, Nurse and Doctor all very nice and helpful. Answered all my questions and I had a lot of them. I was a little nervous and they were very understanding. When I called they were very clear about what I needed to bring to appointment and everything went very smoothly. I would recommend to a more
Cindy keene
Cindy K.
13:18 12 Feb 20
The staff is great. Excellent service! They quickly report your visit with the state. I will continue going to MMTC for my more
Gary Hoover
Gary H.
18:40 09 Dec 19
Very convenient. Nurse Natalie could not have been any more friendly, welcoming and thorough. The doctor was very professional and thorough as well. I would definitely recommend this facility to those seeking medical marijuana treatment. They definitely take away the stigma often associated with marijuana being used for medical more
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