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About MMTC in Sun City Center

Dr. Esther Echevarria is a qualified recommending doctor at Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics in Sun City. 

Dr Echevarria maintains a primary focus of supporting patients seeking effective cannabis-based alternative treatments. The mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic core principals allow patients continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program while keeping service costs to a minimum.

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  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC can help!

  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies only to select MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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What People Are Saying

R6 Walker
R6 W.
15:48 21 Jan 22
The new Doctor was patient and kind. He took his time to review my medical records and health history. I didn't feel rushed or as if I was just another number on the days calendar full of appointments. I felt my anxieties slowly put to ease, my questions answered with sincerity and honesty. The Doctor taking his time with explaining things and going over things in detail that in the past 4 years of coming to this same office I have not yet heard.... Very Impressive! As always the sweet gal at the front counter was very pleasant, welcoming and always does whatever necessary to get us patients in and out in a timely manner - Thank You so much Sun City MMTCFL! ♡read more
Harvey Neal
Harvey N.
00:04 21 Jan 22
They scheduled my appointment almost immediately. The application process was painless and seamless. My information was entered into the State Board almost instantly. The Doctor was very professional and thorough. He gave me recommendations and advice on my initial visit to the dispensary. I would recommend this clinic to more
Gary Stewart
Gary S.
19:58 20 Jan 22
This was a very easy and quick process. Arrived at the correct appointment time and was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable receptionist. We then completed a short questionnaire and with a very short wait was directed to Doctor's office. He asked the appropriate questions, reviewed my history and then approved my MM request. Very friendly and unpretentious. This was actually a good experience with the whole process taking less than twenty minutes. I highly recommend MMTC to anyone who feels the need for Medical more
Joyce Allison
Joyce A.
22:54 11 Jan 22
In the Sun City Center office, I was particularly impressed with the young lady at the front desk, Nichole. There were several people in the very busy office-some were waiting to be seen, some were filling out paperwork, some were just coming in. Nichole handled everyone very professionally and respectfully, with a smile.I also like the doctor, whose name I don't recall. He is friendly and also very well qualified-he was an ER doc, who's likely seen it more
Darlene Powers
Darlene P.
17:57 16 Dec 21
Friendly staff. Efficient one-time appointments. Knowledgeable doctors. Office visit fee is a little pricey.
kathleen mcmullen
kathleen M.
16:05 09 Dec 21
The staff and the Dr. Are the most pleasant people, very helpful! I am so happy I found them after moving to the area.
Angelite Bragg
Angelite B.
14:43 02 Dec 21
The new doctor at the office is fantastic! He is very thorough and explains things in detail!
Maureen K
Maureen K
14:35 19 Nov 21
Everyone was so nice and the appointment was easy to schedule. It was a great experience and I am planning to continue to use them because of those more
Sheray Shardy
Sheray S.
14:15 30 Oct 21
I love the new doctor. He takes his time to listen and explain the different options of treatments (I've been using 1.5 years) and I'm looking forward to trying different products for my migraines now. The whole Sun City office is great. Always welcoming and more
R C (.
06:52 20 Oct 21
Listen to the reviews and AVOID MMTC LAKELAND. I made the mistake of returning to this clinic out of convenience and it was a huge waste of time. During my first appointment Echevarria-Crespo answered her phone twice DURING our session so she could explain to her daughter in college how to use a rice cooker.When it came time for my tele-health renewal Echevarria-Crespo couldn't figure out how to work her phone and just renewed me with no consultation. Now that tele-health is gone I was forced back to this office against my better judgement and Echevarria-Crespo stated wasn't I was no longer allowed to have my dispensing routes and she was going to reset everything to the minimum. As I was leaving she tried to refer me to another MMTC doctor who "could give me what I need" - what a SCAM!AVOID MMTC - AVOID ECHEVARRIA-CRESPO - THEY DO NOT MAKE THE GUIDELINES OF THIS PROGRAM - IT IS NOT THEIR JOB TO SET AND ENFORCE ARBITRARY LIMITS ON MEDICAL PATIENTS - MMTC IS A MONEY GRAB AND ISN'T CONCERNED ABOUT ACTUAL PATIENT WELLNESS.Went to DOCMJ they handled my renewal cheaper and with compassion, you are NOT forced to visit this bad clinic seek the help you deserve!read more
Keishlyan Reyes
Keishlyan R.
12:11 09 Oct 21
Quick and very informative. Made this process hassle free for me thank you!
Victoria Cowdrick
Victoria C.
16:01 08 Oct 21
The staff was very kind and accommodating! They made the process very easy for me.
Gayle Utley
Gayle U.
15:16 08 Oct 21
I was taking care of In a timely manor, with a emphasis on my needs. From the time I entered I was assisted with an efficient kind receptionist. My Doctor listen to my concerns and offered targeted solutions to my many more
Gregory Powers
Gregory P.
18:37 10 Sep 21
Facility receptionist and Doctor were very professional and well informed regarding procedures and product. A very thorough assessment of medical records was made and discussed by the Doctor; and options were given as to a proper remedy / more
Kirstin Wright
Kirstin W.
14:38 03 Sep 21
Everyone I’ve dealt with has been friendly, helpful, and quick, while they provide an excellent service.
Connie Taylor
Connie T.
14:59 01 Sep 21
Great experience, friendly staff and doctor. Hassle free experience with professional folks.
shelly rappaport
shelly R.
14:36 21 Aug 21
very positive experience. Very informative.
Michael Daniels
Michael D.
16:11 05 Aug 21
These people only care about money they charge $200 each time you renew your license and they refused to raise limits on people with cancer and Ms when I can't get enough r s o to last me the 70-something days. Don't ever use this place for a license to rip off a Tascam in the doctor's nothing cannabis medication whatsoeverread more
LiGerald Jones
LiGerald J.
15:12 04 Jun 21
Great Service!!! Nice friendly professional staff. Wil definitely recommend my friends to visit. Thank you for a painless experience!!!read more
Clayburn Alligood
Clayburn A.
18:25 24 Apr 21
Very helpful in process of acquiring my MMC Receptionist was a ray of Sunshine 🌞 in my cloudy day
Carl Jones
Carl J.
14:34 02 Apr 21
The initial experience was painless. The doctor was very personable. I will have to wait and see as time goes on. But at the moment I am very more
Karen Ryan
Karen R.
01:12 07 Mar 21
I’ve been going to this practice since it opened and was always treated with kindness and respect. My appointment was one week ago with a new physician (I say that skeptically) and I will not be returning. I have never been treated with indignity, rudeness, or made to feel like a criminal by any physician. A doctor who tells me he may or may not be here for my next appointment in 6 months, does not speak well for this corporate business or doctor’s compassion. Stay away, there are plenty of mmj clinics in this more
John Armstrong
John A.
15:53 27 Feb 21
The staff was very professional and courteous. The doctor was thorough and listened to my input. Overall a good more
Rosanne Spica
Rosanne S.
14:45 27 Feb 21
it was a bit tricky at first with getting all my records together, but the staff at MMTCFL were very nice an helped me thru all that..The office was very clean and the staff very respectful of my more
Cynthia Sumay-Eaton
Cynthia S.
14:42 21 Feb 21
The visit was quite pleasant. Staff in the reception area were efficient and friendly. The doctor thoroughly discussed my condition based on my previously submitted medical records. This was the best doctor’s visit I have more
Helen Nardick
Helen N.
14:37 13 Feb 21
$199.00 to sit in front of a Dr. for all of 4 minutes...literally. Two questions asked, 1. Did you still want edibles?2. Any questions for me?Honestly, the Med Marijuana works really well for me but I can't understand the cost to see a Dr for minutes. I hope to find a less expensive more
Mark Neuman
Mark N.
15:20 07 Feb 21
Everything went smoothly. Thanks!
Ana Lopez
Ana L.
15:31 05 Feb 21
Staff was awesome was quick service. Professional and made the process very easy
Raphael Alston
Raphael A.
02:16 31 Jan 21
Dr. E was great! She really took her time to educate me on all the different types of medical marijuana. It wasn’t a 2 second conversion she actually spent 10 mins on telling me what was good for my back issues. Would recommend Dr. E to anyone that needs this service!read more
Traci Meisel
Traci M.
20:55 06 Jan 21
The staff are really nice I see the one in lakeland but I am really having a hard time keeping up with the costs and living on a fixed income.... I really wish there was a way to keep the cost down.... $200 every 6 months may not seem like a lot but it is when you don't have savings because I literally live off each dime I get every month.... Is there a program or discount for people with low income... Its hard to pay for meds that actually work most days Hopefully insurance will start covering this as medicine sooner than laterread more
Henry Niemczyk
Henry N.
14:15 28 Oct 20
they need to expand their waiting area and more help on the front desk
Huong tran
Huong T.
17:48 13 Oct 20
Kind and considerate. Was a perfect visit. in and out in a timely manner as well. all covid 19 protocols being followed at time of my visit. Doctor was understanding and compassionate toward my medical needs.Already seeing improvement in mobility especially early more
Gerry Willard
Gerry W.
16:31 17 Jul 20
Dr Echevarria is a great resource in navigating treatment options. Staff is welcoming and helpful
Paola Gallego
Paola G.
14:34 09 Jul 20
Awesome ppl great service. Staff very friendly and great at hygiene! Definitely worth it!
Raphael Alston
Raphael A.
15:30 22 May 20
Dr. E was great! She really took her time to educate me on all the different types of medical marijuana. It wasn’t a 2 second conversion she actually spent 10 mins on telling me what was good for my back issues. Would recommend Dr. E to anyone that needs this service!read more
Joe Bernagozzi
Joe B.
11:22 29 Feb 20
Qualified Specialist Medical Doctors that really know their stuff including dosing ,which is so important. Go to them with confidence. HM2 Disabled Retired Joseph Bernagozzi highly recommendsread more
Chris Dee
Chris D.
16:47 28 Feb 20
Appointment was at 9:00am, doctor didn’t even arrive until 9:30am and had 5 patients waiting. Once she arrived the appointment was quick. They also seem overpriced. After my appointment I looked up a different provider closer to my house and follow ups were $60 less. I’ll be changing providers on my next follow more
Jeff Johnson
Jeff J.
15:35 21 Feb 20
The office staff was extremely helpful! They went above and beyond to help me and even logged me onto the State of Florida website and helped me make some corrections and renewed my annual ID card.....The doctor was kind and very knowledgeable!Thanks so much!!!read more
Sally Wassenberg
Sally W.
15:51 25 Oct 19
The seminar was very informative. So much so, that I made an appointment for two days later and saw a Doctor at one of their clinics to get the ball rolling. That evening I applied for my card, and hopefully in a couple weeks I can be one of those people who "got their life back". I was very impressed with the people involved, both at the seminar, and at the more
linda scotto-di-perta
linda S.
14:51 11 Aug 19
Had to wait a few (15 min) for doctor but it was so worth it. Doctor was informative and helpful from my qualifying and info regarding dispensaries. Front desk staff was very helpful. Then someone helped me with my online medical marijuana form and online payment. Wow was I impressed! I would recommendread more
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