South Florida’s budding business of medical marijuana keeps losing potential real estate, city by city, even though voters overwhelmingly indicated they are in favor of allowing it.

As the number of cities banning them has grown in recent weeks, Broward County government is the latest considering whether to outlaw marijuana dispensaries or carve out some restrictions. It would affect the county’s unincorporated areas.

“We don’t want it totally dumped on these unincorporated areas,” County Commissioner Michael Udine said. “It’s such a maze of regulation on both sides of this, it’s very hard to see how these are going to operate.”

Among the cities to recently take action on the dispensaries:

— Pompano Beach, which banned the dispensing of marijuana within city limits Tuesday. Instead, it agreed to allow green bud to be grown only in an industrial district.

— Sunrise, which unanimously agreed Tuesday to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of the city for at least another 180 days.

— Margate, which banned the dispensaries Dec. 18 on a vote of 4-1.

This city OK'd marijuana dispensaries. Now it's having second thoughts

They join towns and cities, large and small: Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Royal Palm Beach, Sea Ranch Lakes and Southwest Ranches, where it’s been banned, or at least kept out for the time being.

Florida voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana for people with certain medical conditions in 2016, but the state rules adopted last year left cities with two options: Ban dispensaries outright, or regulate their locations to the same degree that pharmacies are regulated.

Unlike pharmacies, though, federal rules don’t allow medical marijuana, and that fact makes it a cash-only business, which is