MSBNC’s Steve Schmidt Trump’s to Blame for Bomb Scares … He’s Stoking This Fire


President Trump bears some responsibility for the pipe bombs sent to Democrats, and anyone with ears should know that, says former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt.

Steve told us Wednesday the person who actually assembled and sent the bombs is ultimately to blame — but added, POTUS would have had metaphorical blood on his hands had the devices detonated … because he’s been condoning violence for years now. 

Schmidt, who’s renounced the GOP and is now an MSNBC fixture, says Trump has encouraged his base to resort to violence against his enemies — specifically Democrats and the media.

Considering those were the groups targeted, Schmidt says it’s clear Trump’s rhetoric is spawning a pseudo Civil War.

As we told you, multiple suspicious packages were discovered en route to the residences and offices of the Obamas, the Clintons, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, CNN and more. Cops say all the devices were pipe bombs intended to cause harm.

FWIW … Trump condemned the would-be attacks, and vowed law enforcement would track down the attempted murders. 

Nonetheless, Schmidt’s sentiment seems to have caught on … because people

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