MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Longwood, FL

1090 W SR 434
Longwood, FL 32750

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Longwood MüV dispensary located at 1090 W State Rd 434 is open with a drive thru to service Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, and Seminole County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Longwood with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care. 

AltMed MüV Products


Orlando – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Longwood store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Dirty Work
Dirty W.
03:22 25 Nov 21
Only thing preventing a 5 star are the air quality concerns I have. There aren’t any filters in the return vents. Looking at glass surfaces and the buildup around the returns and supplies throughout the lobby and dispensing area it is obvious the HVAC ducts need a thorough cleaning and a filter schedule needs to be established. I think it would do a lot for over all sterility.read more
08:56 21 Nov 21
The place was busy but the manager spent time with my husband discussing his problems (severe fibromyalgia and insomnia) and making suggestions to help him, very knowledgeable. We weren’t pressured to buy a bunch of stuff but only what he felt confident would be helpful for my husband. Even gave my husband a discount and asked him to make notes so that he could see what was most helpful and have feedback to then help others. Impressed that he genuinely seemed to want to help with healing rather than making a sale!! Other sites not as busy but will probably be back here because of the caring manager (Sunday afternoon manager).read more
Lindsey Pickett
Lindsey P.
17:25 26 Sep 21
Amazing place to go! Great staff, always great customer service, extra knowledgeable not only about product but about the whole medical industry. Thanks you guys! Please don’t get bought out by that terrible trulieve!!!read more
Mike Woltz
Mike W.
16:31 06 Sep 21
One of the better dispensaries in the area. A little pricey unless you get their tier 3 which is the same product this to your one just goes pretty quickly. They are not as bad as most dispensaries at rushing strains and getting lower THC percentages if a strain runs out because it was good the previous time a lot of the dispensaries you’ll see it cut in half sometimes because they run out of stock and rush the next cropread more
John Daniels
John D.
20:31 14 Aug 21
Just had a great experience at this muv earlier this afternoon. I spent way too much time in there asking questions about stuff but they kept their patience. Not sure of the girls name who helped me out but she had brown hair and was very helpful. The manager even ended up giving me a dollar out of his own wallet because I was short. This place is great!read more
Chris Owen
Chris O.
10:00 07 May 21
This is my favorite dispensary for a number of reasons. Having a drive-through is a big plus for starters. Very quick and efficient plus the same high level of advice as if you went into the store for consultation. That the people who work the drive through are friendly and helpful as well is even better. Many other dispensaries have been opened in the same area of Longwood but I see no reason to try a different one.read more
Arnold Yarde
Arnold Y.
21:44 20 Apr 21
Ashley was amazing and informative. She took the time to go above and beyond for me, appreciate you much ma’am. Will definitely be back soon👍🏾read more
Bernie Piekarski
Bernie P.
13:46 31 Mar 21
A great dispensary with high quality products. I was impressed with the excellent customer service that I received. Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Also extremely patient with us “grey hairs” lolSpecial “Shout Outs” earned by Herman and Jamar! They helped me to say that I highly recommend this place.read more
Mike McDonald
Mike M.
00:03 01 Feb 21
Great helpful staff nice selection and questions answered if you have them
Nancy Harker
Nancy H.
23:15 08 Jan 21
Desiree is a BEAUTIFUL person! So helpful, full of knowledge and patient! It’s a great day when you come across people like her. She is a true gem! She IS the medicine at MUV!Kindness is free…. and she is full of it.read more
Daniel Foltz
Daniel F.
21:01 08 Jan 21
3 months into the program and I have been happy with this place. Just called to check availability on some products and talked to a guy named Joel out of Tampa. He was extremely helpful in helping me secure what I wanted. Thanks for the 5 star serviceread more
Ron Man
Ron M.
20:25 19 Dec 20
Fast friendly service. Has everything I could ever need. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Shan Barrett
Shan B.
19:21 24 Nov 20
The staff at muv are great especially Herman.We had a interesting conversation about my doctor. All and all he was very helpful and made everything easy. Thanks again Herman👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏read more
S Harman
S H.
16:18 21 Nov 20
Louis and Howard were so helpful. They answered all my questions about several different products, took their time and were so patient with me. I will definitely come back. Thank you so muchread more
A Random Passerby
A Random P.
20:46 19 Nov 20
I’ve been visiting the Longwood location for close to two years now, and i don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience. The prices are mostly reasonable when compared to other dispensaries and everybody I’ve met has been very friendly and professional. The few times I’ve had an issue with one of their products they’ve done their best to fix the problem. The drive through has also been very convenient during the pandemic restrictions.Great location, comfortable atmosphere and awesome, knowledgeable staff and great products. Highly recommend this location!read more
Warren Clark
Warren C.
15:49 14 Nov 20
My preferred dispensary with great rewards and deals. Staff is always friendly and know the product. So glad to have you guys here.read more
Cruz McGlashen
Cruz M.
15:30 07 Nov 20
MÜV has got the strongest thc product, not only that but they consistently have a variety of selections to choose from. The tellers there are all knowledgeable and will make multiple great recommendations based off what you are in need of. Last but not least the ladies there are gorgeous, i highly recommend shopping with MÜV.read more
Aaron Legg
Aaron L.
18:14 31 Oct 20
I buy a lot of cannabis products. Muv is always one of my favorite places not only for the products but for the employees. Today was Halloween and I had the pleasure of Herman helping me. I loved all the costumes especially his!! Keep it up guys!read more
12:38 17 Oct 20
Excellent customer service. Big variety. Educational staff. Drive through.
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
19:27 07 Oct 20
10/8/2020 Again DESIREE came through with exactly what I needed! I cant thank her enough. Such an amazing employee!!! Best call center agent for any mmj dispensary out thereread more
The Smith Family
The Smith F.
18:52 03 Oct 20
The front office lady I don’t know her name but I love her she’s so nice & helpful she has white cute nails & a cute design on one & the guy that helped me today was jamar? I believe I hope that’s it but he was very helpful & explained everything to me with fine detail! Staff is on point! Very clean & professional. Love them .read more
Anthony Mcdonald
Anthony M.
16:17 28 Sep 20
The customer service at MUV Longwood is next level! I’ve dabbled with many other dispensaries and I always find myself coming back to this one. The experience provided is always a collective effort from everyone, but a huge shoutout to Nick for always maintaining positive vibes and energy during a year that’s been filled with so much negativity. It’s all about being a good person in life! Someone give that man a raise!read more
es vas
es V.
00:19 26 Sep 20
This is an amazing place that has a drive thru and filled with exceptional staff and great quality products, my personal experience has been superb with Nicholas E. He always has a great personality and is very knowledgeable of all products he always goes above and beyond.. To the MUV family thank you for making my experience so delightful.read more
16:32 09 Sep 20
Inside staff have always been informative and courteous. Good, reliable products. (I was mad in initial review but have gained insight.)Alright.read more
Hunter Grisham
Hunter G.
11:53 08 Sep 20
Came here on labor day as they had a 15% off everything, and got a blueberry cart and an eighth of Strawberry Cough Tier 3 i believe and the quality is bar none i am 99%-100% satisfied. The store is sparkling clean and the staff is extremely professional and polite. I am making this my new primary store, since I had 2 bad experiences (not with MUV for the record) with defective and or tampered with vape carts from the Knox folks, and they fully refunded the 1st one, but not the 2nd one.This was my 2nd time trying MUV and I will definitely be back!! This company is getting my business from now on 😁read more
22:56 28 Aug 20
I have to take a moment to say MUV has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. The team they have truly cares for you as a patient. My first time in I had the pleasure of being paired with Diana to help me. She was kind, patient, friendly, informative, understanding, and just overall made me feel like she is someone I’ve known my whole life. One the same first time in Cherish also chimed in with great advice and just overall an amazing person. My second visit I used the drive through. Cherish was working the window. She greeted me with a smile you could see through her mask. Such kind, patient, friendly, bubbly person she is. She made me feel like I was talking to an old friend and even asked me about how everything was working. Honestly these 2 woman are so amazing. The whole staff is incredible but these 2 stand out stars definitely deserve some special recognition.read more
Chrissy Milian
Chrissy M.
10:27 26 Aug 20
Love MUV.
Ash AssassinateEm
Ash A.
22:33 15 Aug 20
I have to say im always satisfied with customer service and the treatment tenders. The wait is not really ever that long, they always try to recommend the best for you. I have went in and have had Cherish twice if not three times and they are always smiling, helpful, and honest I appreciate that alot.Flower, I have not been too crazy about a strain yet. The concentrated vapes are amazing!read more
17:09 13 Aug 20
I’ve loved everything I have gotten from here so far, I wanna mention the lemon margy and lemon lights, if I could id have those at all timesread more
Matt Corti
Matt C.
14:34 10 Aug 20
Ive only been here 2 times and one of the times was my first time to a dispensary and i can say this, the staff at the time did not care ro help me or even recommend products for my specific reasons, and were rushing me to make a purchase. Over all not a very good experience and i will be going to other dispensaries from here on out, such as surterra or trulieve. Good products tho just a bit crazy on price compared to other dispensaries.read more
Matthew Warren
Matthew W.
11:37 20 Jul 20
This place does not have a great selection. What they do have is the best service I’ve ever seen in a Florida dispensary, and the products are always on point. This is the best dispensary in central Florida hands down. Good job guys, your competition could take a note or two haha 🤫🤫read more
Jacqueline Raftery
Jacqueline R.
16:49 19 Jul 20
I actually love the product. Love the people. Just need to work on the Longwood drive thru. It isn’t working. The line wait is over an hour!! They need to figure out how to handle. Maybe send an employee out to start getting orders ready?also once you are in the line you can’t get out. You are stuck. So keep up the good work, but work out the Longwood drive thru kinks!!read more
Rose Laforte
Rose L.
18:28 06 Jul 20
😷The friendly & knowledgeable budtenders know what they’re talking about. I give them 5 stars😊
David Santiago
David S.
18:15 18 Jun 20
Customer service is perfect. Had some trouble with my order and Hallie fixed everything up for me quick and fast. Great quality and very nice people.read more
Christopher Coleman
Christopher C.
17:04 11 Jun 20
On point customer service anytime you call them. Just spoke with Rain who was so patient while I searched for what I needed. They have consistent products and friendly in store staff. No complaints, whoever does your customer service training is doing a wonderful job!!!read more
Jay T Hackler
Jay T H.
05:08 06 May 20
Great products. Great staff. Like family. They will answer any question you might have and help you select the right products to help you.read more
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
14:20 27 Mar 20
Nice place and still very polite in this hard time. Will be back. TY.
Mathew Luciano
Mathew L.
21:00 12 Mar 20
I had a very positive first experience here as a first time / new patient in Florida and first time visiting a dispensary ever in my life. The manager assisted me, was very helpful in explanations and reviewing the products. I was happy with the service. There was a little misunderstanding with the promo card, which was exacerbated when I returned for my second visit and received some misinformation from the gentleman at the desk (accidents happen, I know I am guilty of foot in mouth). I initially walked out but decided to go back in and try to talk to a rep. Normally I’d leave a business with an issue and just never return my patronage again. Back inside the rep pointed out the misinformation from the front desk representative – this made me want to turn around and leave a second time but having already taken off work early to get my prescriptions I decided once again to stay and try to talk it through – especially since the rep was very nice and helpful – the same manager I met on my first visit came out and resolved everything right away. I am very appreciative of this as someone who takes time to plan things out in advance, prepare my funds after checking products online, making time from my schedule etc. And I hate to be “that guy” but at the end of the day there was a misunderstanding and some miscommunication but ultimately thanks to the manager everything was resolved and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping resolve. Given that I will certainly now return and continue my patronage.Regarding the products, I am very pleased with what I’ve tried thus far. Flower is top notch, pain relief cream is amazing, RSO is very effective and I can’t wait to try my new pain relief patch. Nice store with quality products. I definitely recommend.read more
Felix Hernandez
Felix H.
22:55 05 Mar 20
To begin with, Jamie (excuse my spelling) with the Customer Service team is amazing. She handled my phone order with great service and kept her word, which goes a long way. The Longwood team made my visit fast and pleasant. Always satisfied with MUVs product.read more
Tiffany Hess
Tiffany H.
12:11 29 Dec 19
I have been here quite a number of times now, and EVERY TIME I am pleased. I am on a mission to reduce the number of medications I take, and the staff is incredibly understanding and empathetic to my medical issues. They always have tips to improve my experience, and I’m always in and out, NEVER a long wait. My trepidation with writing a positive review is that the quick service might change, with increased customer traffic, but this dispensary is too good not to praise.read more
Christopher Coleman
Christopher C.
23:07 19 Dec 19
Great customer service and it was so easy to order my medication. They let me order over the phone, even though it was my first time at this dispensary, and were great at educating me on the different products. They offer delivery service but I opted for in store pick up as the are just a few miles from my home. The staff inside the location were just as friendly and even checked on a product I thought they were out of. The store itself is modern and beautifully designed. The quality of the products are great so far. I highly recommend and will be back.read more
Kelly Mack
Kelly M.
17:28 01 Dec 19
Excellent service! Ten stars. Great product knowledge. Had an answer for every question as well as some great recommendations. 100% happy with my purchase and excited to try more of the HUGE variety.read more
Richard Garzon
Richard G.
02:31 25 Sep 19
Very nice staff 😃 very clean and convenient good variety. Easy parking, 5 min I4.
Richard Garzon
Richard G.
02:31 25 Sep 19
Very nice staff 😃 very clean and convenient good variety. Easy parking, 5 min I4.
Daniel Negron
Daniel N.
01:01 26 May 19
Words cannot describe how phenomenal this company operates and the quality of their meds! If you haven’t already checked them out! You MUST!!! The wait time is not long, especially when they open up their express drive-through window.🤯 Altmed Muv will end up being the number one cannabis company in Florida. As long as the quality and quantity of their product stays consistent in addition to adding more amazing strains and types of medicine! Things are looking bright for Muv FL!read more
Daniel Negron
Daniel N.
03:05 25 May 19
Words cannot describe how phenomenal this company operates and the quality of their meds! If you haven’t already checked them out! You MUST!!! The wait time is not long, especially when they open up their express drive-through window.🤯 Altmed Muv will end up being the number one cannabis company in Florida. As long as the quality and quantity of their product stays consistent in addition to adding more amazing strains and types of medicine! Things are looking bright for Muv FL!read more
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