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The Green Lady, one of Nantucket’s two marijuana dispensaries, has joined Vineyard Haven’s Island Time dispensary in a lawsuit challenging regulations that prohibit shipping marijuana across Nantucket Sound. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that the existing regulations, which restrict the island dispensaries to selling cannabis that is grown on-island, are “arbitrary, unreasonable, and inconsistent” and subject the Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard-based businesses to “extreme financial burdens not endured by their mainland competitors.”

“There are these unfair rules that have been placed on us,” Nicole Campbell, COO of The Green Lady, said. “It’s a very heavy burden to put on a small business.”

The regulations, imposed by the state-level Cannabis Control Commission, prevent the shipping of marijuana across Massachusetts’ waters. As cannabis is still banned on the national level, it cannot be transported across federal waters, but it would be possible to transport cannabis from Cape Cod to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard without leaving state-controlled water — if the Commission allowed it. Massachusetts law does not explicitly prohibit moving marijuana over the water, but the Commission has not historically permitted it, largely to avoid federal attention and not risk any legal violations.

“It’s about [the Commission] saying we have faith

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