Even though Kyrie Irving has declared his intentions to stay in Boston, GMs around the league are preparing to pitch him next summer. 

7:30 AM ET

Part of an NBA front office’s job is to plan for free agency well in advance. But the circumstances surrounding this season and the next wave of available stars have made things a bit absurd.

In talking to league executives, scouts and agents, it has become clear plenty of teams are focusing heavily on the 2019-20 season even with the 2018-19 season just starting. OK, this isn’t revolutionary. The Los Angeles Lakers were thinking about LeBron James a year ago today. But this is typically a third rail topic, whispered out of the side of mouths and hinted with innuendo. At least until the leaves are off the trees. But even then, it’s often teams who are in tank mode or at least figure on being in tank mode. Now even playoff-level teams peeking ahead.

There are a few reasons why:

Many believe the Golden State Warriors are going to win the title again and will still break up in some way next season. This is essentially a referendum on Kevin

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