Sports curses aren’t supposed to exist anymore. Ask the Chicago Cubs or the Boston Red Sox.

Just don’t ask N.C. State senior Matt Dayes. After another difficult loss, 24-20 to No. 19 Florida State on Saturday night, the Wolfpack running back is starting to run out of plausible explanations.

“It’s very frustrating,” Dayes said. “I almost feel like we’re cursed.”

N.C. State (4-5, 1-4 ACC) fans have an unprintable name for this curse, which has crept up at inopportune times in basketball, baseball, football, and, heck, even wrestling.

You can dismiss this as a losers’ lament but explaining the inexplicable can be difficult when you’ve seen so many odd bounces and breaks go the wrong way. There’s a lineage from Chris Corchiani to J.J. Redick to Matt Freije to Anton Gill in basketball, that’s interwoven from Shaun Hill to T.A. McLendon to Torrey Smith to Bryan Underwood to Kyle Bambard in football and topped off in baseball from Trea Turner to twin heartbreaks against TCU and Coastal Carolina.

N.C. State fans don’t need to Google those names or losses for context or meaning. They’ve seen it all. Ghost stories are best served near campfires and with adult beverages but there are N.C. State fans, and players like Dayes, searching for logical answers after another illogical setback.

A dropped interception was the pivotal play on Saturday night, a week after procedural penalty cost them a 21-14 loss to Boston College and a missed field goal cost them three weeks ago in a 24-17 overtime loss at Clemson.

N.C. State led 20-17 with 3:16 left in the game when Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois made an errant throw into the end zone from N.C. State’s 19-yard line.

Receiver Travis Rudolph, who was being closely covered by cornerback Jack Tocho, ran a post

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