NEA issues Florida failing grade for charter school oversight

The nation’s largest teachers union gave Florida charter schools a failing grade for oversight, and did the same for most states in the union.

The National Education Association on Thursday released a new report, State Charter Statutes: NEA Report Card,” scrutinizing charter schools nationwide.

Teachers looked at the 44 states allowing charters, along with Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. The report card gives all but six states a failing grade. Florida gets a 45 out of 100.

Florida Education Association Fedrick Ingram said that goes to show the inequity of charter schools: “Whenever we talk about schools, the bottom line is always the students,” he said.

“The reality is charter schools choose who they teach, and they teach a far smaller percentage of students with disabilities and kids living in poverty than neighborhood public schools. This separate and unequal system of charter schools is creating haves and have-nots — something that should never exist in public education.”

The NEA report judged schools on four major criteria: Public access; accountability and transparency; school board oversight; and quality education.

Florida rose above the eight states graded as “Abysmal,” and certainly scored better than D.C. schools, which stood in its own

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