Nearly all Florida voters concerned about Social Security, Medicare, COVID, poll finds

At least 90% of Floridians are at minimum very concerned about Social Security, Medicare, the costs of health care, and protection from COVID-19, according to a new survey from St. Pete Polls.

If political campaigns appear to be focusing on those issues in closing weeks, their numbers apparently are telling them the same thing about Florida.

The St. Pete Polls survey, sponsored by Florida Politics and AARP Florida, found 94% of likely voters in Florida consider Social Security extremely important or very important to the futures of themselves and their families.

Ninety-four percent of those surveyed also said the same thing about Medicare, and 94% said the same thing about reducing the costs of health care and prescription drugs. The results for the importance of protecting Americans from the coronavirus: a lesser but still overwhelming 90% said extremely or very important.

For all four subjects, the splits between those selecting whether voters were “extremely” or “very” concerned put the overwhelming proportions in the “extremely” concerned category: 73% for Medicare, 72% for Social Security, 70% for reducing the health care costs, and 69% for protection from COVID-19.

This poll, commissioned by AARP Florida, was conducted through automated

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