New Florida laws to take effect New Year’s Day

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Cap News Services) – At the start of 2021 Florida’s minimum wage will rise nine cents, but the pay raise isn’t the only change the state will see.

The new year will also bring new laws and the end to a century-old Florida industry.

Employers will have to begin checking the immigration status of their new hires through the federal E-verify system or by collecting I-9 forms starting Jan. 1.

The governor earlier this year suggested it will ensure legal citizens are first in line to be hired.

“That could actually be something that’s even more important now given that people are going to be needing jobs,” said Gov. DeSantis in March.

But others like the ACLU worry it will make the hiring process more difficult.

“Businesses don’t need more obstacles right now for hiring new workers and that’s exactly what E-verify does. Businesses need flexibility and E-verify ties their hands,” said Kara Gross with the ACLU of Florida.

New Year’s Day will also see penalties doubled for illegally passing a school bus with fines to be set at $200 or $400 depending on which side of the bus a driver passes.

“We’re sending a message that we’re

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