New Jersey Man Sues Amazon For Firing Him Over Medical Marijuana Use

A New Jersey man filed a lawsuit in October against his employer Amazon for allegedly firing him after not advising his superiors of his medical marijuana treatment. The man, who has been publicly identified only as D.J.C., failed a random drug test in July, and was put on temporary paid leave. After supplying the documentation of his condition that the company asked for, he was officially terminated.

That decision may well put Amazon on the wrong side of New Jersey law. Though an appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court, a state appeals court has ruled that medical marijuana patients may not be fired if they flunk a drug test.

D.J.C.’s lawsuit holds that the company discriminated against him in a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

He had been employed at the Edison, New Jersey Amazon warehouse since February 2017, and according to his lawsuit had never run into disciplinary problems at the company—to the contrary, he was promoted twice during the year that he was employed by the company. In July 2018, he did a random oral fluid test for drugs, and tested positive for marijuana.

D.J.C. says he was prescribed cannabis to help treat his

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