New national Donald Trump ad focuses on ‘second chances’ for ‘neglected communities’

In its most aggressive play for Black voters in the 2020 cycle, the Donald Trump campaign released a new ad nationwide Monday, focusing on what a press release calls “second chances” for “neglected communities.”

Amidst reports of cash challenges for the campaign, this will be a splashy “eight figure” spend on what are called “select” cable outlets nationwide.

The spot, pushed by “Black Voices for Trump,” features a personal testimonial from a military veteran who was down on his luck before Trump policies saved him.

“I’m an Army vet, I was homeless, I was sleeping in my car, and I didn’t have any hope,” asserted Tony Rankin leading off the spot.

However, Rankin’s position was improved, asserted a female narrator, by “Opportunity Zones,” census tracts where tax breaks are extended to facilitate economic development.

The ad copy does not explain how opportunity zones led specifically to Rankin’s change in circumstances. Rather, the relief in his voice and face is intended to do that.

“Life is good. Life is worth living. The President does want to help people like myself who need to be lifted back up in these low-income communities,” he said.

The Trump campaign has

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