‘New Russian hero’ Ron DeSantis gets ironic tribute in new PAC ad

‘New Russian hero’ Ron DeSantis gets ironic tribute in new PAC ad

The spot parodies the ‘Top Gov’ ad from the 2022 campaign.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting unwelcome air cover from a new ad in the wake of his controversial new position on the Ukraine war.

The Center Street PAC rolled out a spot Friday that paints “American Ron DeSantis” as a “new Russian hero fighting imperialist American aggression in our glorious liberation of Ukraine.”

The 15 second spot includes a voiceover with a Russian accent and English and Cyrillic subtitles, and derives the video footage from DeSantis’ own tribute to the Top Gun: Maverick movie from last year, where the “Top Gov” takes aim at unfriendly media outlets.

While the original ad shows DeSantis explaining the art of “dogfighting” with “the corporate media,” with spliced-in footage of DeSantis belittling TV reporters along with shots of the Governor in a flight suit, the Center Street PAC parody cuts much of that narrative, relying on shots of DeSantis’ pastiche of Tom Cruise.

DeSantis was once a hawk on helping Ukraine while in Congress, but his position evolved over the years. Last year, he downplayed the threat posed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin as his troops marauded in Ukraine, likening the dictator to an “authoritarian gas station attendant.”

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