Newcomer Notebook: Floor Toonders

Favorite Food

“Pasta, I really like pasta.”

Food She Is Going to Miss the Most from Back Home

“I really think it’s my parents’ pasta. They are really good. I’m going to have to find some new good restaurants here.”

Least Favorite Food

“Mushrooms and pumpkin. I just don’t like the textures, that’s a no for me.”

Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Basketball

“Of course I like watching TV shows and Netflix and stuff. I don’t do it as often as I wish I would, but sometimes I like to draw and be creative. Doing some planning and things like that with my bullet journal.”

On the Basketball Player She Tries to Model Her Game After

“The Spanish player Alba Torres. She is also really tall and she can shoot and drive. She is also really fast. Since I am tall, I like to play like her because she can pretty much do everything. I would like to be like that.”

On Her Shooting Ability

“I’m really tall so I can shoot over people which will come in handy.”

On What She Looks to Improve on This Season

“I think I need to get better at going to

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