NFL experts debate: Deshaun Watson trade fits, who's on upset alert and Steelers' future

6:55 AM ET

ESPN NFL Experts

The Deshaun Watson saga in Houston grabbed some headlines from wild-card weekend, but we’re down to a final eight in the NFL playoffs. Two teams that didn’t win the AFC North made big statements, but can either win on the road again this week?

We asked our experts about Watson and about the four games this weekend. Which teams should make a big push for the Texans’ quarterback? Which home team is on upset notice this weekend? How about a bold prediction with some conviction?

Let’s give the Texans some advice: What should the organization do right now to improve its relationship with Deshaun Watson?

Matt Bowen, NFL analyst: Improve the lines of communication with Watson. From an organizational standpoint, the Texans can be more transparent in terms of their top targets at the head-coaching position, with a goal of maximizing the Texans during Watson’s prime playing years.

Jeremy Fowler, national NFL writer: Stop making promises you don’t keep. If the central issue is Watson was told he’d be involved in the hiring process of a general manager and head coach, then wasn’t consulted at all, maybe stop doing that. Make

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