NFL has new protocols for teams exposed to virus

6:02 PM ET

The NFL implemented a series of enhanced protocols Thursday for teams to follow after exposure to the COVID-19 virus, as it navigates an outbreak among the Tennessee Titans and potential transmission to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings, who have not yet returned a positive test result after playing the Titans last Sunday, used the protocols after reopening their facility and practicing Thursday.

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The enhanced protocols include two daily tests; one is the traditional PCR (nasal swab) test and the other is a POC (point of care) test that returns faster results. All Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees must test negative on the POC test before entering the facility.

PPE and face masks must also be worn by all players and coaches on the practice field and gloves must be worn by everyone except quarterbacks on their throwing hand. All meetings must be virtual and there will also be daily deep cleanings of the facility. The protocols also include a prohibition on team or player gatherings away from the facility.

NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills will determine whether and for how long the post-exposure protocols must be followed.

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