NFL playoff officiating decisions: Why was OPI called on Willie Snead but not A.J. Brown?

1:47 PM ET

A historic drop in penalty flags helped lessen the spotlight on NFL officiating in 2020. So did the abolition of replay review for pass interference. But the arrival of postseason football has raised scrutiny on every questionable call, rule interpretation and review.

No worries. We’re here for you. What follows is a real-time breakdown of the calls you shook your heads at, screamed at the television for or were otherwise confused by during the wild-card round. The most recent plays are at the top.

Unsportsmanlike conduct on Bears TE Cole Kmet

Bears-Saints wild-card game, 9:40 remaining in second quarter

What happened: Kmet was flagged after catching a 1-yard pass to the Saints’ 9-yard line. After Kmet and Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins exchanged words, two officials got in between them. Kmet tossed the ball to one of the officials.

How it was resolved: Kmet was flagged for what referee Alex Kemp said was unsportsmanlike conduct. The Bears went from a third-and-5 to a third-and-20, and they ultimately settled for a field goal.

Analysis: It was impossible to hear what was said between Kmet and Jenkins, and/or Kmet and the officials. But unless something else happened off

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