NFL selects 11 for International Player program

11:53 AM ET

Associated Press

The NFL has chosen 11 athletes from nine countries to compete for a spot in the 2021 International Player Pathway Program.

Instituted in 2017, the program aims to provide elite international athletes an opportunity to compete at the NFL level, improve their skills, and possibly earn a spot on a team roster.

“Since its creation in 2017, this program has been a part of the league’s continuous efforts to strengthen the pipeline of international players in the NFL,” said Damani Leech, the NFL’s international chief operating officer.

Chosen for the program are LB Aaron Donkor (Germany), RB Taku Lee (Japan), DL Yoann Miangue (France), DE Leonel Misangumukini (Austria), DE Adedayo Odeleye (United Kingdom), LB Ayo Oyelola (United Kingdom), OL Max Pircher (Italy), TE Sammis Reyes (Chile), TE Bernhard Seikovits (Austria), DL Lone Toailoa (New Zealand) and OL Alfredo Gutierrez (Mexico). Soon they will begin training in the United States, seeking a practice squad position for next season.

One NFL division to be chosen at random will receive the international players. At the conclusion of training camp, each player will be eligible for an international player practice squad exemption with

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