Nikki Fried, Florida Democrats want Republicans to account for Donald Trump, white supremacists

In the wake of President Donald Trump failing to denounce white supremacist supporters in Tuesday night’s debate with Joe Biden, Florida Democrats, including the sole statewide electee, want answers from Republicans.

Florida Democratic Party head Terrie Rizzo on Wednesday afternoon urged Republicans to address the presidential provocations.

“The Florida Democratic Party denounces white supremacy in all its forms. Yesterday, President Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacy on national television,” Rizzo said. “The Republican Party’s sole platform this year is to re-elect Donald Trump, and if Florida Republicans don’t actively stand up to condemn white supremacy and ask the leader of their party to unequivocally do the same, we can only assume they condone this behavior.

Prior to that, Florida’s Democratic Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services on Wednesday called on Republicans in the Florida Cabinet to “account for” where the President stands on white supremacy.

Nikki Fried, who has been a staunch Biden supporter, pilloried the President for calling on the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during an exchange with Biden about right-wing extremism.

“Last night’s debate represents one of the lowest moments in history for an American President. As the nation watched,

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