Nikki Fried reminds consumers to stay alert to skimmers

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried on Saturday warned Florida consumers against gas skimmers and other scams.

“Florida is known for beaches, oranges, Disney, but also fraud,” Fried said. “We are the top state for scams, and we can’t let that continue.”

Fried lamented the Florida Legislature didn’t pass more reforms specifically addressing skimmers.

She specifically noted work by the Consumer Fraud, Identity Theft, and Skimmer Working Group statewide interagency task force.

That resulted in legislation filed by state Sen. Joe Gruters, a Sarasota Republican, in the Senate (SB 1652) and state Rep. Kamia Brown, an Ocoee Democrat in the House (HB 1239). But the legislation did not pass.

Skimmers constitute a major problem for Floridians. A recent sweep found 259 statewide in a matter of weeks, including 15 in Orlando.

Authorities in Florida have found more than 2,800 skimmers since 2015.

Fried accompanied Joe Scobbo, an inspector with the Division of Consumer Services, for an inspection an Orlando gas station Saturday.

“Since my election, I’ve made fighting consumer fraud and consumer protection top priorities in my agenda – and a big part of that fraud is happening at the gas pump,” Fried said.

“It’s important we’re

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