Nikki Fried’s fiance just transferred a Leon County home to her name

A document showing a property transfer to Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried from fiancé Jake Bergmann drew attention in Leon County.

A quitclaim deed filed in Leon County shows a property transfer from Bergmann to Fried for a home the two share.  But the shift in title simply allows Fried to interact more cleanly with a bank, since Bergman, a medical marijuana executive, purchased the home in cash. Bergman founded Surterra and now runs boutique cannabis company Iconoclast Ventures.

“Commissioner Fried’s fiancé purchased their home without a mortgage, as banks would not write a mortgage with assets her fiancé earned in the medical marijuana industry,” reads a statement from a Fried spokesperson.

“This is a frustrating reality that thousands of legitimate cannabis entrepreneurs and investors face every day, due to outdated, inefficient banking laws. As is well known, Commissioner Fried faced these same antiquated banking challenges in her own campaign, when her account was shut down by Wells Fargo.”

That references headline-making friction between Fried and the bank when Wells Fargo closed the Democrat’s campaign accounts on the grounds she accepted donations from cannabis executives. Fried worked as a lobbyist for the industry before running for her Cabinet post in 2018.

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