No course correction for state Republicans after Donald Trump test

Republican governors and lawmakers in many states have followed President Donald Trump’s lead on their response to the coronavirus, declining to impose mask mandates and pushing to lift restrictions on businesses and social gatherings as swiftly as possible.

Revelations that the President and First Lady are now among those who have tested positive for the disease appeared to do little to change their thinking.

In the hours after the nation learned that Trump had tested positive for the virus, Republican-controlled courts, conservative groups and Republican lawmakers continued to move against mask mandates and other coronavirus restrictions.

In Michigan on Friday, the state Supreme Court, which has a Republican majority, struck down a law that has underpinned months of orders by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, including a mask mandate, that were aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. That 1945 law is unconstitutional, it said.

It was an extraordinary development in a nasty fight between Whitmer, a Democrat, and Republicans who control the Legislature. At one point in the spring, protesters and an armed militia filled the statehouse to demand an end to the restrictions some labeled “tyranny.”

Right before Friday’s ruling, a conservative group, with support from Republican lawmakers, turned

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