Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in North Port, FL

14906 Tamiami Trail
North Port, FL 34287

Call for Delivery:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available



A Surterra Wellness Center located at 14906 Tamiami Trail in North Port, FL 34287 is now open. This cannabis store in North Port is conveniently located to service Port Charlotte, Venice, El Jobean and Sarasota County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients that have received a medical cannabis certification. This North Port cannabis store will carry the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near North Port as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis products are available by home delivery or business in North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice, El Jobean and throughout Sarasota County.

Surterra’s medical marijuana products are available by delivery for patients with a Florida Marijuana Card. Click here for more info.

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri to schedule Surterra Deliveries RX.

Delivery is now available in select areas of Florida. There is a $25 fee for delivery, and orders must be $100 or more after discounts to qualify for delivery. Orders of $150 or more after discounts qualify for free delivery.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

ryan st. pierre
ryan st. P.
01:22 11 Jan 22
Shorted .5 gram on an 1/8 of marijuana. Really?Also, employees allowing hand to hand outside establishment. Employee made me aware I would lose my license if I took part, but the employee allowed the person back into the store multiple times.Product good.North Port, FL Location. 01/10/2022 7pmread more
Kaylee Yunis
Kaylee Y.
05:59 04 Jan 22
Surterra wellness is undoubtedly the best dispensary in my area. Compared to any other store, surterra ALWAYS has the best discounts, products, and amazing staff. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming & knowledgeable. I’ve never had a bad experience here, I prefer to place online orders because of how fast it takes. I’m usually In & out in less than 10 minutes! Love them. Favorite place. I’d definitely recommend trying them out!!read more
Nicholas Deeb
Nicholas D.
20:19 03 Jan 22
okay first off the place is so very fast that’s what I like the most about the store is the speed I am new to having my card my name is nick and KALE has helped me twice since being there and he so dam knowledgeable and the fact I can VIBE with him makes me even happier just I get along with the guy and he such a good staff member idk much yet but he has helped me and I have only set amount of money and he pulled the calc out and try so many different combinations an stuff an just meant a lot because customer service is dead now a days and I’m just thankful for him my business will be backed by me so thanks guys keep going an kale stay fresh my friend@!^^read more
Buzz Anderson
Buzz A.
19:40 13 Dec 21
Shane and Christine did a great job. I couldn’t get the website to accept my password request and I found out it doesn’t work on I-phones/chrome if you want to order online. They don’t take tips like other mm stores as well. They were super nice and there is an atm inside if you need more
Candace Jaworski
Candace J.
18:19 08 Dec 21
Kevin was terrific! A great help and very nice ! Thank you Kevin..
Debbie Gilbert
Debbie G.
02:31 13 Oct 21
I loved the relaxed atmosphere. I have serve anxiety and I don’t like leaving home but when I came in I was pleasantly greeted and offered a cold water. Every employee was nice and had a smile but I need to give a special Thank you to Zak he was so very helpful! 😊read more
tony smith
tony S.
01:53 04 Sep 21
Showed up for purchase and the inexperienced bud tender made me feel like I was a criminal telling me I was attempting to use a fake tender for payment. Only having exact money with me and after bank hours, I lost out on the days $60 off of a $180 order deal of the day. The very next day, I confronted the Bank about the supposedly “fake” bill and the bank manager explained and proved to me the bill was real and explained to me that older bills are less used and in circulation and that inexperienced retailers often don’t know any better and expect older bills to mark exactly like newer bills. I showed up the very next day, explained the situation, but the staff at the NP Surterra would not honor the discount lost out on due to their inexperienced staff member. Plenty of other dispensaries out there with experienced staff and higher customer service. Save yourself the more
A&S Wilson
A&S W.
23:00 23 Aug 21
I am a “newbie” to the lovely world of medicinal marijuana. After visiting multiple dispensaries within the area, I continue to find my way back to Surterra.A couple reasons:1- great products that are clearly defined to help cipher which one that I need at the moment.2- their customer service is top notch! Rich, Zack, & Kent (employees) that assist with my orders are so helpful and informative. They answer my questions and do their best to help me understand the differences between products. The staff is well educated on all the products sold in this store and they are willing to help, which is a must for “newbies” and anyone else that wants to be treated like a person and not just a number.Definitely recommend!read more
joshua uhl
joshua U.
22:17 31 Jul 21
Quality operation. Excellent staff, great attitudes. Very helpful. If curious, worried, intrigued or in need, just give them a call. You will be taken care of. Special thanks to Al, Kevin and Shane who have helped me over the past several visits. Great crew🤙🏼🤙🏽🤙read more
Alexander J Shedlock
Alexander J S.
18:29 31 Jul 21
I’ve been coming to this location for months and this team is amazing!! Folks I speak with the most are Kev, Al, Rich, Mahnon. Thanks guys!read more
victoria la barge
victoria la B.
14:23 30 Jul 21
As always, such a pleasure shopping at Surterra in North Port! I was promptly greeted by Zack & Richard! Richard had me checked in in no time! Felisha was super kind, upbeat, and helpful as she cashed me out with my order. She made the process speedy and her positive attitude made it a perfect experience! 5 stars to everyone who works here, they’re the best around!read more
Zack Landers
Zack L.
23:10 22 Jul 21
Great, friendly service. Always fast service and no excessive wait times and an all around pleasant experience. Kevin, Rich, and Shane treated me well and took care of me on my more
Jimmy McCarthy
Jimmy M.
18:32 22 Jul 21
Great shopping! Surterra has become my go to place. If they say they have on line, you can bet that do. Posting thc % really helps too. They help out us vets ,and their bargins are for real. NO bait and switch here. (TL) is right across the street from me and I drive 35min one way to buy here. If James S. Is there you will get great service as with every order I’ve had filled more
Mary Jo rayfield
Mary Jo R.
20:06 12 Jul 21
Always upbeat, friendly, and super helpful. Today they offered a surprise discount, gotta love that. Their tinctures are great and will help you sleep like a more
Ralphie Williams
Ralphie W.
16:38 07 Jul 21
GREAT PRICES, FRIENDLY SERVICE! I recently got my medical card, and Surterra was SO helpful in guiding me through the process. They recommended me products that have been so instrumental in reducing and alleviating my anxieties. Everyone at the North Port location is wonderful, but I wanted to give a special shoutout to Felisha for being so kind and knowledgeable when it came to explaining each product to me and walking me through what to more
Brie Walters
Brie W.
15:53 01 Jul 21
Kevin is the absolute best! I am always in Surterra not only for the amazing products but for the amazing staff! 10/10 recommend stopping more
Sophia Lucia
Sophia L.
15:49 01 Jul 21
LOVE Surterra! Everyone is extremely friendly and efficient! Their selection is much better than the competition in the area not to mention there’s basically no wait!!read more
Kameron Long
Kameron L.
14:55 27 Jun 21
Horrible selection. I said sorry but i have to go somewhere better. Same prices trash marijuana.
15:44 11 Jun 21
Bad customer service, bad quality flower – always dry as a rock unless you’re one of the lucky 10% to get a moisture packet in your 8th, shady practices that don’t allow you to hold an order overnight unless you register and pay via their card payment system despite them saying “place your order by midnight and it’ll be ready in the morning!* (it’s actually cancelled and they refuse to honor the sale which goes against the fine print stating orders placed by 11:59pm will be honored), store has messed up 6/10 of my recent online orders. I’m not returning which is a shame because they used to be my favorite. They’ve gone downhill beyond repair, do not shop here. Make the drive to Grow Healthy or One Plant instead. Either’s flower is a league above more
Brian P
Brian P
17:46 04 Jun 21
I find the staff here to be the highest quality in hospitality. I’m greeted by name, taken care of quickly and always perfectly, and it feels as if I’m genuinely appreciated. I’ll drive out of my way to visit because of their manner. Today, I had a defective product and when I returned to the store my situation was instantly handled with empathy, professionalism, hospitality, and resolve. Richard, Alan, James and Kevin were in there, and they’re flipping more
14:21 26 May 21
I was in yesterday and the manage hooked me up with a sweet deal. Always fast and very helpful. Not sure if I lost one of my pieces I ordered or it wasn’t put in the bag but either way it was nice to be back. Can’t win them all but it’s all good. Will be backread more
ben brought
ben B.
19:29 13 Apr 21
Realized it’s been 9 months since my original review. Still 5 stars
Tim Smith
Tim S.
15:40 20 Mar 21
I love the atmosphere of this store! Always clean and organized. Matt was really informative about the products and great to talk to! Their concentrates are fireread more
Tim Smith
Tim S.
15:39 18 Mar 21
I love the atmosphere of this store! Always really clean and organized. Matthew was very informative about the products and great to talk to! Their concentrates are always fireread more
Tim Smith
Tim S.
15:34 18 Mar 21
I love the atmosphere of this store! Always super clean and organized. Matthew was super informative about the products… great to talk to! Their concentrates are always fireread more
Ana Van Meter
Ana Van M.
22:41 06 Mar 21
Horrible staff. Belittling customers for their needs, Napoleon complex, bitter, angry. I will drive an hour away before I go to this store again. I do not appreciate judgement for purchasing medicine. We already deal with enough issues, this was entirely uncalled for. The people here are bullies and behave like bouncers at second rate club venues. First visit left me shook, and this second visit- there will not be a third. Shame on you.Y’all need to sample some store product and chillax before going to work. You are in the wrong line of business. Big more
Dawson Honacher
Dawson H.
23:24 24 Feb 21
Everybody at this establishment is great. The place itself very clean and a stress free process. They are my go to even though they aren’t the closest place to me. Quality is worth the more
Brenda Florence
Brenda F.
18:29 23 Feb 21
Ordered online and was quoted a specific price. When I went in to pick up my order I was told the website messed up and was giving the promo they were offering on strains that weren’t mentioned in the email they sent out.. The guys that work the counter are rude and were very confusing!!!! Another customer came in and they told him the same thing they told me.. what a mess. I doubt I’ll be going back anytime soonread more
Bakin Cakes
Bakin C.
15:50 19 Feb 21
Haven’t even tried their products yet. Went in the first time and the women was just rude and snappy with her answers so I left. That was a couple months ago. This time I tried to live chat and got no response….2 different times. So I just go to either Muv or Harvest now. They are always friendly and answer questions I more
tama dallemand
tama D.
19:21 21 Jan 21
Everyone was friendly and attentive. It was my first time buying so they help me understand there products. Everyone there was very helpfulread more
Andrew Spaulding
Andrew S.
12:34 17 Jan 21
Always busy, no sense of urgency, lady in the front not the nicest , you’ll wait unnecessarily, people in line behind you get help before you. Stores dirty , not sure why I still goread more
Gaming Clipz - Dragon_Ballzac
Gaming Clipz – D.
21:52 31 Dec 20
Very fast system 10-20 min max to fulfill purchases, reasonable prices, nice staff. Thank you. No more hour wait time at trulieve for more
Anne Kozlik
Anne K.
20:46 23 Dec 20
Very very rude fat woman at desk. Would not let us in store until 2 came out. ,2 came out and she blocked us at door again. We were embarrassed and left store. Shop at trulieve in port charlotteread more
emma damato
emma D.
21:15 04 Dec 20
I’m pretty bummed. I did an online order for this special, where you buy one cartridge and get two free. I placed my order, received the confirmation email, then about an hour later got a call from them saying that they were all sold out from online pick up orders. But… I was an online pick up order? When I placed the order it said “7 left” of my product, so that doesn’t make sense. They need to update their more
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy S.
15:21 01 Dec 20
Horrible place to get your medical supplies. It shows online they hold your order for 24 hours but if you place it 30 mins before they close they cancel your order. Their information is false on their website. I will NEVER order from here again. Their product isn’t the best either. They charge 15 to 20% more than other dispensaries and the product isn’t up to par for that more
George Lawson
George L.
23:35 24 Nov 20
Terrible operation and pretty sure a scam place. Unorganized, rude and the place looked dirty. They were zero help to more
Andrew Clark
Andrew C.
16:51 29 Sep 20
Product is decent but they arbitrarily limit flower per customer outside the realm of allowable state statute amounts which is absurd. Did the person who made that decision consider the fact that we as patients can report them to the department of agriculture for this? Also are you all communists? Part of the privelage of being part of the chosen class to dole out herb legally requires you to be prepared. Otherwise we as patients will lobby the legislature to grow our own medicine!!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
21:47 23 Sep 20
This store is clean nice and the people are so friendly and Trey is the best!
Barrow Fleetwood
Barrow F.
14:12 02 Aug 20
The only medical dispensary that treats disabled patients as just another pothead..This location has been nothing but a bad experience. Everytime you walk in the door you can feel the bad attitudes. They have lost more of my orders than I have gotten to payed for. LOST??? How is that even possible? But none the less that’s what I’ve been told on several occasions!!? It is a 50/50 chance your order will be ready EVEN after getting a text stating it is ready. More times than not it has been a waste of time and gas driving across more
Jeh Nas
Jeh N.
20:24 26 Jul 20
A very welcoming place, the staff was great. I am enjoying the products I ordered. Good experience, will be going back.
Anon Ymous
Anon Y.
22:42 24 Jul 20
Very cool experience. It was fast, quiet, clean, polite. Ian was kind enough to get the door for me and grab add-on items without complaint and Kevin was professional and friendly as could be. Girl at the front with Ian was also very nice and prompt with my order (sorry I didnt catch a name!) Great store, very nice crew. Will be back for my second time 20% (smart!).Thanks everyone!read more
Arthur Grebenuk
Arthur G.
12:13 21 Jul 20
Rich and the crew do a phenomenal job. Great quality products, the oil is pricey but their Flower is both affordable and high more
Kate Mastriano
Kate M.
17:32 28 Jun 20
Went in today for the 1st time. When you walk in there is a piece of paper taped to the table with the flower only shown ABBREVIATED?! How am I supposed to know what 2 letters stand for?! The lady was unbelievably rude and made me feel completely uncomfortable. I have PTSD and anxiety is an issue. She made it by far worse with her nastiness and seemed clueless that different strains work differently for different people. She seemed upset she was going to have to tell me what they had. Please train your staff to be conscientious of the fact that some of your customers are actual PATIENTS! I am an 11 year long patient and just moved here from Colorado. Was eager to try you out…but not that eager… more
Angie Billings
Angie B.
00:47 23 Jun 20
The atmosphere feels tense, yes they were very knowledgeable they are not friendly. One of the employees actually started mumering stuff about my boyfriend well I was standing. Never will returnread more
Connie Schuchman
Connie S.
20:24 20 Jun 20
Normally the North Port staff is second to none. Today I saw several new faces but none working very hard to get customers out the door. There was one person working at the check out counter, who was unable to get an order ready because a customer kept asking questions about product. Finally another person went to cashier and things started picking up. I am also leery about buying Surterra brand disposable vape pens because 2 that I purchased were almost empty when I took them out of the $5 box. (Used to cost $25, but increased $5 when they introduced the new packaging) I think I may finally be ready to check out other dispensaries closer to more
Crystal Nichols
Crystal N.
17:56 23 May 20
I did not have a pleasant experience here today. This was my second and last visit here. I placed my order online with them last night, waited for my confirmation text this morning and headed over to pick it up. When I got to the checkout line, there were only 2 out of 3 of the items I ordered. When I asked them about it, they stated that the other product must have been out of stock. I then asked why the system would allow me to order if it wasn’t in stock and his answer was literally “I don’t know why it would do that”. I then asked why they wouldn’t send me a message or call me to let me know that some of my order was not in stock? The gentleman just stared at me with no answer. I then asked if I could add something else to my order since the one product I originally ordered was not available and was told I would need to complete the current order, and then they could check me in and put me in the que to wait.. This was definitely the worse experience I have ever had at a more
Andrew Clark
Andrew C.
16:36 18 Apr 20
Was there today and the staff is really friendly and accommodating. Their products are superb! Especially the dream tincture. 5 stars to this great more
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie M.
19:23 09 Apr 20
We love the staff here! Dom, Ian and Kenneth always take good care of us and are very knowledgeable.
Wyatt Dineen
Wyatt D.
20:17 28 Feb 20
Great medicine. Great price. The staff are also very friendly and knowledgeable. Always a happy patient when I shop here since they started the float whole more
Justin Young
Justin Y.
23:28 24 Feb 20
On 2/21/20 I visited the North Port location. I had never been to this dispensary before. As I entered the store I was promptly greeted with a warm welcome by Kent and Ryan. They made me feel right at home. I exchanged some small talk with the guys as I reviewed the menu. I decided to try the ground follower. It was really steamy and mostly leaves!!read more
The Block
The B.
13:06 29 Jan 20
I have been shopping at this and other dispensaries for a while but, Surterra staff is always nice and very knowledgeable. Usually able to sit down with you and explain the products in elaborate detail. However, they also maintain the ability to move people in and out of the store to drive down wait times. However, Surterra has some very disappointing business tactics that they employ that take advantage of veterans like myself. While attempting to use the loyalty reward system, which they have completely stopped and have no replacement of for, I was able to redeem my last bit of rewards but, the managers decided by their own choice to remove my veteran discount claiming it would not stack and is not allowed. After talking to many other Surterra employees, I discovered that this is actually not the case and did it out of malice and spit just to ensure their business remained more profitable and they do not hold respect for our military personel. After reaching out to upper management I still have yet to reach a resolution and nothing has been done for me. Please shop somewhere where the business respects you as a more
Georgette Bond
Georgette B.
13:26 21 Jan 20
I like the location. It’s convenient to my house. I just wish they could keep Float in flower form in stock.
Georgette Bond
Georgette B.
13:26 21 Jan 20
I like the location. It’s convenient to my house. I just wish they could keep Float in flower form in stock.
Terry Featherston
Terry F.
15:17 06 Dec 19
Great customer service with Kent! Very helpful answering all of my questions and explaining everything to me! Never felt like I was rushed or hey were trying to just get me to buy and leave like at some other dispensaries. Highly recommend Surterra North Port and hope you get Kent. Will return soon!!read more
Josh Bridges
Josh B.
20:39 15 Nov 19
Very nice, friendly staff! Florida dispensaries don’t seem to want a lot of hanging about. First visit introduces you to the products and gets you in the system. After that you pretty much just order pick up or delivery. Inside is very minimalist and clean. One of my favorite medicine shops as far as product!read more
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