Some Northeast Florida state House candidates and incumbents posted stronger fundraising than others in November. Below, the tally in each district.

The highlights: strong months for Republican incumbents Clay YarboroughJason Fischer and Cyndi Stevenson.


In House District 11, incumbent Republican Rep. Cord Byrd added $4,450 of new November money to his campaign account.

This pushed his total raised to nearly $60,000, against just $2,275 spent this cycle — a machine without churn.

Among the donors: Conservatives for Principled Leadership, a committee affiliated with future House Speaker Paul RennerWalmart; and Dosal Tobacco Corporation.

Byrd faces no electoral challenges at the moment; in 2016, he beat a write-in, amassing 98 percent of the vote.


House District 12 sees action on both sides of the partisan divide, with Republican Rep. Clay Yarborough gearing up for a general election battle with Democratic candidate Tim Yost.

Yarborough is winning the money race in the deep-red district. He brought in $24,750 to his campaign account, and $5,000 to his political committee in November.

The campaign account has almost $95,000 now; the committee account has nearly $10,000.

Meanwhile, Yost brought in $165 in November, and has $2,129 on hand.


HD 13 Democratic incumbent Tracie Davis won’t face an electoral challenge in the primary or the general election, and because of that, even a slow month of fundraising doesn’t occasion alarm.

Davis brought in $525 in November, giving her $28,715 raised and on hand — as she has yet to spend any money.


HD 14 Democratic incumbent Kim Daniels ended October with less than $600 on hand. She’s better positioned after November receipts.

The evangelist/representative raked in $3,000, with donations from ABC Liquors and TECO Energy standing out.

Daniels also had negative expenditures — always a good place to be for the budget conscious —

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