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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Banyan Tree, a new cannabis dispensary in Northeast Fresno, held its grand opening on Saturday. It’s one of several legal cannabis dispensaries operating in the city.

After a very slow start, Fresno City leaders expect cannabis revenue to continue to bloom, with 13 businesses open out of the 19 that are allowed.

“Banyan Tree is 100% local, locally owned,” said Ace Castillo, the CEO of Banyan Tree. “Local investments and dollars that came to help open this place.”

The City expects to bring in about $7 million in cannabis revenue for the 2025 fiscal year, especially with 13 storefronts now operating. But last year, the city fell short.

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“It was due largely in part to only having two dispensaries open,” said Fresno City Council President Annalisa Perea. “What we’ve seen recently is a vast influx of new storefronts opening.”

Perea said a maximum of 21 dispensaries will be allowed to do business in the city, which would be about three stores per district.

Last Thursday, Mayor Jerry Dyer presented his proposed budget plan for the 2025 fiscal year, which is just shy of $2 billion. He also explained

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