Not a lot of vape shops applying for new nicotine permits, regulators told


That’s how many vape shops have applied for and received permits to sell nicotine products under the new “Tobacco 21” law the Florida Legislature approved last spring.

“We’ve had one,” Daniel McGinn, assistant director of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations’ Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Division, told the House Regulatory Reform Committee Wednesday.

“One?” replied an incredulous-sounding Rep. Jackie Toledo, who had sponsored the House version of the bill. She had just asked him how many new Retail Nicotine Product Dealers Permits the department had issued under the new regulatory framework the Legislature created to deal with vape shops popping up all over the state.

The law went into effect Oct. 1.

The one properly permitted vape shop is in Jacksonville. There will be more, McGinn assured the committee.

There also are 28,680 other stores that sell tobacco, and many of them also sell electronic cigarette products. They already have licenses — tobacco licenses — so they don’t need the new license, which was designed for shops that just sell electronic cigarette products and devices. The so-called “vape shops” now must be regulated and monitored to make sure they only sell to people age 21 or older and meet

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