COCONUT CREEK, FL–(Marketwired – October 11, 2017) – NutraFuels Inc. (“NutraFuels” or “NTFU”), (OTC PINK: NTFU), today announced that the company has completed it’s additional build-out within its current manufacturing facility and has equipped it with high speed filling and packaging equipment to accommodate the company’s latest product line of dietary supplement nutritional products. The first piece of high speed packaging equipment going online within the new manufacturing space is a filling and sealing machine to package the patented, metered dosing nutrient delivery technology called, “The Blast Cap” trademarked under BlastMax.

The Blast Cap delivery method was developed by a world renowned inventor who has partnered with NutraFuels to produce preservative free, high bioavailable, health and wellness formulations that will use the Blast Cap method to deliver vitamins and nutrients efficiently and effectively into the human body. The company’s proprietary formulations are filled and then hermetically sealed within the patented caps that are designed fit water bottles and drinks shots.

NutraFuels initial line of Blast Cap nutraceutical formulas have been developed for daily and sports nutrition purposes. The over the counter (OTC) dietary supplement formulas are designed to support common health & wellness uses such as, energy & focus, anti stress & relaxation, anti-aging, rehydration, recovery, pain relief and sleep support. These and other Blast Cap formulas are made with the highest quality and most effective researched ingredients available to the nutraceutical industry including, Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD). NutraFuels will also produce these formulas with a variation that contains Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) for additional nutrient value.

The function of the Blast Cap is to screw the cap on to a bottle filled with drinking water at the time of desired use, press the button on the top, (Blast) shake and drink. The (Blast) breaks a seal on the cap

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