Camping in a Prius is okay when you are traveling light and are all alone or have a small partner.  

It worked for me for a couple of years.  I used my 2008 model to range all over the State of Florida gathering information and taking photographs for Florida Backroads Travel.

Even though I’m 6’5 and 230 lbs it seemed possible to make a little camper out of my Prius.  I achieved it for a total expense of $77, not including sheets and pillows.

First, I did a lot of measuring. I decided that the best way for me to sleep would be in conventional bed mode. Measurements showed I could slide the front seats forward and fold the rear seats down and end up with a pretty good sized space.

The Prius measures about 80 inches from the rear deck at the bottom of the closed hatch to the back of the front seats. Since I am 77 inches, this was encouraging.  Maybe camping in a Prius was possible after all.

One problem, however, is that the center console sticks back into the rear seating area and reduces the available space.

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