Olney: Bills start to come due after contenders' win-now trades

Trading away prospects such as Eloy Jimenez (above) and Gleyber Torres (pictured lower in the story) was the cost of contending for the Cubs, and now both players are coming into their own. 

10:00 AM ET

Eloy Jimenez is a millionaire without taking an at-bat in the big leagues, now that his deal with the Chicago White Sox is official, and while his contract could turn out to be one of the best team bargains in baseball history, this wouldn’t happen if he weren’t regarded as a prospect of staggering talent.

The wave of recent extensions has put millions of dollars in players’ pockets. But the teams wouldn’t be doling out these deals unless they are great business decisions.

We dig into the numbers to see what the Angel with the richest contract ever would have to do to go down as the top player in MLB history.

Last year, the A’s blew by low preseason expectations to win 97 games. We look at this season’s teams with sneaky upside.

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At every level he has played, Jimenez has been among the youngest players in his league, and he has always

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