Omari Hardy calls for shutdown of Mar-a-Lago after maskless NYE celebration

Rep. Omari Hardy is urging Palm Beach County to shut down Mar-a-Lago following a video showing dozens of maskless partygoers celebrating the New Year at the club.

On Saturday, Hardy publicly called on Palm Beach County Government to fine and shut down the resort for its violation of the county’s mandatory mask order. Hardy suggested the county shutdown Mar-a-Lago until officials can be assured that the business will comply with the county’s mask mandate.

“I recognize that the President is a powerful person and that his business, Mar-a-Lago, is a daunting target for enforcement, but the law is the law,” Hardy said in a statement. “The County’s mask mandate applies to all businesses in Palm Beach County. The presidency does not confer to the President and his friends a special privilege to endanger the health and welfare of Palm Beach County’s residents.”

Hardy emailed assistant county administrator Todd Bonlarron attaching the video and calling for enforcement of the mask mandate.

“During one of our weekly conference calls, you informed me that Palm Beach County’s emergency order requires businesses to require their patrons to wear masks,” Hardy wrote in the email to Bonlarron. “You also informed me that Palm Beach County has

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