One of Princess Diana’s Sweaters Makes History With $1.1 Million Sale

But the gown was always meant to be a back-up, and Elizabeth, David and their team Brook St, Mayfair took every precaution to ensure the main dress remained a secret. 

“We had the dress stored every night in a metal cabinet guarded by two guards, Jim and Bert,” the British fashion designer added. “So there was somebody there 24 hours a day and we put shutters on all our windows, and we put false color threads in the rubbish bins because people were going through our bins.”

Over the years, countless women have emulated the late Princess’ style, including Kate Middleton herself

Of why Diana’s style has been so enduring, Eleri Lynn, the exhibit creator for Diana: Her Fashion Story, told Vanity Fair in 2017, “She had really sort of transcended fashion and achieved an incredible chic and elegance. All you saw was her, and the clothes became secondary to her own presence and her work.”

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