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One Plant in Florida is a licensed medical marijuana treatment center, or MMTC. One Plant dispensary locations will be sprouting up throughout the sunshine state in the near future. 

One Plant flower products are available by marijuana deliveries RX in several counties in the state. Their 1st cannabis store is set to open soon. One Plants parent company, SOL Global Investments Corp, is publically traded under the stock ticker symbol: SOLCF

To purchase One Plant 3 Boys Farms Organically grown cannabis products you will need to have received your Medical Card from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida.

About 3 Boys Farms

3 Boys Florida is a Family Farm in Ruskin, FL 33575. The medical marijuana grown at 3 Boys Farm is Florida’s first all-organically grown medical cannabis crop from an all-Floridian operated grow. 

3 Boys organic growing operation has been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award and is the first nutrient-film technique hydroponic operation in the United States to be USDA-certified organic.  

Sustainabilitynoun  The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. 3 Boys Farm employs solar power, rainwater harvesting, wind capture, and exhaust air redirection as part of their commitment to maintain a very small carbon footprint.

Contact: 3boysfarm@gmail.com

One Plant Products

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Delivery – 3 Boys cannabis products by One Plant are available by home delivery

Free delivery requires a minimum purchase of $125 after any applicable discounts.  Orders under $125 will have a delivery fee of $25. No delivery available to the Florida Keys yet.

Please have your MMUR Patient ID number and expiration date ready, along with delivery address and what you would like to order.

Call 877.308.3344 to order and schedule a delivery.

To purchase One Plant dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

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3 Boys Farm / One Plant
Average rating:  
 31 reviews
by Jack on 3 Boys Farm / One Plant

One Plant is #1.
I just received my 1st delivery from One Plant and it couldn’t have been better. I received an approximate time of delivery, with promise of an exact time today via TEXT message. The message came as promised with an exact delivery time included. Along with that message i received a GPS map showing me exactly where the driver was and the exact ETA.
This whole transaction went so well.
The Product… CHEM-D gets (5☆) from me.
Thank you, ONE PLANT

by SNAPPER_DAVIE on 3 Boys Farm / One Plant

I ordered a 1/2 ounce of Chem D for delivery to my work. Since my job isn’t 420 friendly I had One Plant bring my order to the business next door. The delivery team texted me several times letting me know when they would be arriving. The timing was flawless and the whole transaction only took minutes. I placed the order in a bucket on the back of my golf cart and headed back. As I pulled into my work place I saw my supervisor waving me over. I panicked and did what any person would do in my situation….I floored the pedal and sped away from him as fast as I could go.

Later that afternoon at my house I rolled a joint and sat on my back porch. The smell of Chem D is so unique and different it’s unlike any strain I’ve had before, I can only describe it as a chemical rubber smell. I started medicating when I noticed two lizards crawling closer to me bobbing their heads. I knew exactly what they were trying say, so I took a big pull on the joint and fogged them out. After a few minutes they made their way to the top of the chair and stared out into the sun. That’s when I noticed a squirrel sitting on the fence watching me medicate. Like a good host I offered him a puff but he must have been foreign because he said nothing and just continued to stare. I was thinking this strain is no big deal and then WHAM! I got hit by a ghost train carrying a load of morphine. I was feeling no pain! One Plant and Pbud’s claim that Chem D is one of the strongest strains out there might just be valid. Chem D is a bucket list strain for sure.

Thank you One Plant! PS. I got run over by the Chem D ghost train LOL!

by Grace on 3 Boys Farm / One Plant

Love the new site, ordered what I wanted, it is always delivered the next day. If you call in, they are always patient and friendly. Very competitive prices too!

by Dave on 3 Boys Farm / One Plant

So far I have been VERY impressed with their products. Potent and tasty with lots of crystals. Great delivery system as well. You can see right where the driver is as they approach! Will probably order from these people all the time. Why go to a dispensary?

by SGPRL on 3 Boys Farm / One Plant

Great flowers. A little on the dry side but the effects were on point. A few seeds but that’s quit alright it lets us know your not spraying with the chemical that prevents hermaphrodite male flowers. I gave 4 stars because of the moisture content. I also noticed under the microscope that these thermoshpere flowers compared to an un named competitors had much more undisturbed trichomes on the exterior of the buds giving them the sparkle. No middle shelf/tier from anyplace else has had the sparkle in my experience. OH! and its ORGANIC. Great Job Guys.

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