One Plant Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville Beach, FL

1161 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 7pm

Payment Methods:


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Dispensary/MMTC – Now Open

Jacksonville Beach – A One Plant dispensary location at 1161 Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 is now open to service all of Duval County. You are now able to purchase 3 Boys Farms top quality flower from their dispensary menu when in stock from this One Plant cannabis store.

The One Plant menu products grown at 3 Boys Farm is Florida’s first all-organically grown medical cannabis. 3 Boys organic growing operation has been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award and is the first nutrient-film technique hydroponic operation in the United States to be USDA-certified organic.

One Plant flower products are available for patients near Jacksonville Beach that have received a Florida medical marijuana card.

One Plant Products


Jacksonville Beach – 3 Boys cannabis products by One Plant are available by home delivery to Orange Park, Saint Johns, Middleburg and throughout Duval County. To purchase One Plant dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Call 877.308.3344 to order and schedule a delivery. There is a $20 delivery fee.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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What People Are Saying

David Pinto
David P.
14:10 21 Dec 20
The rosin is amazing if they have it. Stay away from the flower. All I got was premature buds that were popcorn size. Nice people here and nice more
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
00:22 19 Dec 20
This is a tough business to be in with constantly changing rules, regs, etc....Through this One Plant has continued to grow in it's service...with that being said..I love my One Plant people 💚💚💚They still find a way to get patients what they need!I love how educated the staff is in Jax Beach😘Knowing WHO your patients are is important to them!✌💚read more
David Pinto
David P.
21:38 05 Dec 20
Kendra is awesome. She was helpful and nice. I love the products here at One Plant 🌱 Well worth the money and they have a excellent savings system that the more your spend the more you save. I love that 😎read more
Vera D.
Vera D.
18:31 29 Nov 20
One Plant has once again outdone themselves with quality, quantity, and exceptional customer service. Never disappointed, underweight or in any way not happy with their products and/or consideration of to whom they owe their growth and (hopefully) continued success. 💜 #luvoneplantread more
Adon C
Adon C
20:05 24 Nov 20
Brandon was extremely knowledgeable and had a welcoming demeanor. Definitely recommend OnePlant and especially Brandon. Makes this cannabis industry fun and educational! This experience definitely made OnePlant my number 1 after this visit. Thank you!read more
Kile Wilkins
Kile W.
18:25 13 Nov 20
If you are looking for top-notch, ‘Grade A’ products, then you must check this place out! I’ve literally visited all the dispensaries in town; so I can tell you from my own experiences that One Plant is my top choice! Ultra Premium whole flower! One of kind live rosin carts! Even their staff seems to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable! I strongly recommend checking this place out. The 2 guys who helped me with my first and second order where amazing! Shout out to Tim & Eric!! Great representation for One Plant.Last, they have incredible sales each day! Well worth it!!read more
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
17:18 22 Oct 20
Huge shoutout to Joanna and Steven for being discreet and delivering to my workplace. Amazing people, and did more than asked. Even parked far away so nobody would notice! Great customer service!!read more
Robert Farmer
Robert F.
14:17 16 Oct 20
My 3rd delivery order came yesterday and I'm more impressed each time I shop with them. One Plant has became my go to dispensary and very impressed with their flower line up of amazing strains! Keep up the great work and much respect to their growers for bringing us excellent products!read more
Sammy Sweetheart
Sammy S.
00:56 12 Oct 20
I really wanted to like this place, but if you want to see quality bud at a reasonable price, do not purchase flower here. They lied to me and a few others at this location about product availability so we wouldn’t use discounts and bulk pricing on a popular strain. $60 for an eighth is outrageous and no one should be charged that for that amount of more
T Dennis
T D.
18:33 06 Oct 20
Jeff Staples & Tyberias at this location are bosses. Tyberias called me 8 times back to back yesterday to help me find the right product & modify it a few times. Then when I got there he came from the back to make sure he put a face to the name & help me more. Jeff, it’s a reason he’s the manager, we sat there for almost 20 minutes just talking about the product & the business & I really had to go after driving 2 hours to get there. It was worthy it & a feel good feeling there. I recommend this location, hell all of them are more
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
00:02 01 Oct 20
So awesome! Loved my first visit so much, am bringing a friend next time!Recycling the one plant bags for plants!Update:Still LOVE your products 😍Can't wait till carts are $30. again!Best deals and an awesome rewards program!Thanks One Plant for being so awesome!read more
Marshall Trusler
Marshall T.
21:14 21 Sep 20
Always super kind, always great quality bud, almost always running specials especially for prerolls. Friendly environment and atmosphere, super quick visitsread more
Charlie Maynard
Charlie M.
23:50 11 Sep 20
It’s always great experience at one plant! Product is consistently top shelf, affordable, and available. The people who work there are very knowledgeable and seem to genuinely love what they more
sky master
sky M.
21:24 06 Sep 20
Nice place
Cody Sanchez
Cody S.
22:04 03 Sep 20
Nadia was outstanding!!! This review cannot express how helpful and professional she was. The MAC1 issue had me scared, but she took care of us so well that I'm sold on the shop. One Plant is now my main store - goodbye Trulieve!read more
Jared Dye
Jared D.
12:53 02 Sep 20
They offer the most unique varieties and they to stay with the times and flavors of the moment .They don’t offer discounts to those on disability . But they stated they have lots of great reward programsread more
Jonathan Curlin
Jonathan C.
16:03 27 Aug 20
Awesome place for meds during winter! Right now...not so good, many mold issues..
01:00 22 Aug 20
One Plant’s prices are a bit silly, but they have some legit strains on offer. They walk the talk unlike the Surterra’s, Curaleaf’s, and Columbia Care’s of the world. A nice backup but not the first choice from my stash. Definitely reaching for OP before Trulieve more
Steve A
Steve A
20:52 18 Aug 20
If the Whistling Fish is representative of all there flower products, I’m honestly impressed. It’s beautiful, squishy, sticky, pungent, fresh — I digress. If you enjoy a sativa that hits hard, It comes highly recommended. It shares the DNA of a Long Haired Chihuahua and a Ninja Turtle. Also, the pictures are One Plant’s product on a Fluent paper bag. Please do not go to Fluent expecting this quality of flower. Go to One Plant. more
Robinson Rodriguez
Robinson R.
15:27 14 Aug 20
Great dispensary. Great flower, priced just right. Will definitely be going again. Great job Jon!
Kc Beatty
Kc B.
16:19 08 Jul 20
Placed an order Monday. Was expected to be delivered by noon on Wednesday. 10 minutes before noon i get a phone call that "my order was not put on the van" and the earliest they could deliver would be Friday. I had to cancel my large order all together. Who can wait 5 days on medication?? I was so excited to try the products. Now I just have nothing good to more
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie J.
20:46 02 Jul 20
If you like overpriced whispy side branches loosely trimmed, this is your spot! Great products great people deliver...Genetics are good but grower should be ashamed. If you call for an exchange, refund, or even an apology they say tough luck we have more
Back in Jax
Back in J.
17:28 29 Jun 20
Helpful and welcoming staff and top tier products makes this my go-to for MMJ almost exclusively now.
James Saddler
James S.
16:12 21 Jun 20
I give them a 9.5 out of 10 on their 16 different strains of pre-rolls. The staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about their products. A pleasure to shop more
21:11 08 Jun 20
Ok how can i start off?? They have a great guy at the helm his crew is a talented and experienced group of individuals. Their flower products are extremely high quality. Each strain bringing it's own unique characteristics and flavors. Let me add that with flower so potent and robust calls for incredible vape cartridges and concentrates. Then we go to the discounts, like their "Buy more Save more" deals,they're lowering the price has you get more..then shoot to the Rewards program for inspiration to purchase consistently. You like curbside?? Well they are so quick that McDonald's can learn from them a few pointers...and other dispensaries as well. Overall One Plant is the place to get your products and with a 25%off first time delivery makes you even get an order dropped to your residence. But if you go to the gallery, you can view the products prior to purchase giving you an edge on your buy. Guys go there and more
Tokin Ranger
Tokin R.
22:28 02 Jun 20
Had a great first experience with Matt! Left with fantastic meds that suit my needs. Can't wait to get back into this dispensary!read more
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
17:21 14 May 20
First visit was rather cool ..fastest curbside service with a smile! Flower looks seriously nice,pre rolls are priced good and burn even . Over all the products do what they say..Thank you...I will be a return customer!!THIS is where you need to go for GOOD organic flower !read more
Alyssa Castleman
Alyssa C.
15:54 07 May 20
First off the quality of One Plant’s product is excellent! Beautiful product. Matt provided excellent service and was very helpful and efficient. I think it is great to see when a business actually takes pandemics seriously and makes sure, not only their customers are safe but also their employees. The drive thru was a big plus vs walking inside, like some of their competitors are making people more
Connor Collins
Connor C.
05:21 02 May 20
Best flower you’ll find in Jax imo. Pre-rolls are hand rolled. No SHAKE. Clean burn and taste from the rice paper they use. Yes, the flower is going for higher than some other spots around the city but consider the fact that I have Trulieve as well as 3 other dispensaries within a 25 minute drive from my house YET I continue to choose to drive nearly an hour for superior medicine. I have long been looking for some Chemdog in flower and when I did order some recently it went beyond any expectations I could have had for Florida flower product. One Plant is now my standard for medicine as well as curbside/online order management and customer service. We’re given free water bottles for waiting in pickup line for less than 3 minutes 😚😌read more
cralg fields
cralg F.
20:45 30 Apr 20
Picked up some product today and so seamless with the curbside delivery. Matt was there waiting for me and whole process took 2 minutes. Tried to leave a tip but I guess that is frowned upon. Great prices but unfortunately a small selection of whole flower at this time. Give them a try!read more
Christopher McKinney
Christopher M.
17:35 02 Apr 20
One plant has earned my loyalty not only by their product(s) but also customer service! Today was my 4th time being there. Just like my past 3 visits with 3 different employees, Matt was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about current inventory! Y’all have my business!read more
Lauren Altomare
Lauren A.
23:15 30 Mar 20
I have been to every dispensary in Jax, and this is hands down the best. The staff is amazing and helpful, without being pushy in any way. If that’s not a good enough reason to make this your dispensary, then take their products: no chemicals, amazing terps and strains, and they have a book of their strains so you know exactly what you’re getting. And my favorite part? The PRICES are at least 20% below any other dispensary. With all that said, I’m never going anywhere more
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
20:45 28 Mar 20
So awesome! Loved my first visit so much, am bringing a friend next time!
Hutch Klutch
Hutch K.
15:45 28 Mar 20
I've been to every dispensary in-town and One Plant is BY FAR #1! Not only do they have the BEST Organic flower of anyone, they have exceptional customer service and a smart streamlined system! The next time you need cannabis... go to One Plant!!!! (TRY the MAC1)read more
Jordan Morales
Jordan M.
19:10 26 Mar 20
Biiiig shoutout to Ty and Jon!!! Had one of the best experience here at the jax beach location. Everything went smoother than any other dispensary!! with great options to choose from ! Will be back sooner than I think! Thanks guys!read more
Kelicia Martz
Kelicia M.
18:01 13 Mar 20
ALERT!!!! This place is truly amazing. From the moment you walk in the door the staff is so welcoming and helpful. The products are HANDS DOWN BEST PRODUCTS IN JACKSONVILLE. They don’t use chemicals it is TRULY organic and you can taste the difference. No ethanol BS more
David Ross
David R.
17:34 12 Mar 20
A fantastic place to buy flower and carts!
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