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In a striking turn of events for New York City’s burgeoning legal cannabis market, Operation Padlock to Protect has proven to be a formidable force in boosting the revenues of legal dispensaries. This initiative, aimed at clamping down on unlicensed and illegal cannabis sales, has been particularly beneficial for dispensaries operating in close proximity to the targeted areas.

Launched early this month, the City Sheriff’s Joint Compliance Task Force, a collaboration among the Sheriff’s Office, the City Police Department, and the City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, has made significant strides in its first week. With a focus on safeguarding communities from unregulated products, the task force has sealed off 75 locations and imposed nearly $6 million in penalties. These enforcement actions occurred over several days, specifically on May 4, 7, 9, and 11.

During its intensive first week, the task force conducted a total of 150 inspections targeting unlicensed entities near schools and houses of worship. These businesses were reportedly selling not just cannabis but also THC edibles, THC vapes, untaxed cigarettes, flavored tobacco, and flavored vapes—all within the strict confines of the NYPD’s eight borough commands.

The crackdown has had a palpable impact on the local legal

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