It is finally time for college football again. Practice has begun and across the nation fans are feeling the adrenalin start pumping as the opening kickoff approaches. Those of you who know me from my time here at Gator Country know that I am not an insider with access to practices or inside lines to coaches. What I offer is insight into the team from a fan’s perspective. Nothing more and nothing less. Here is what I see as the season approaches.

As is always the case, especially for the Gators it seems, all eyes are on the quarterback position once again. The debate has raged all offseason as to what the staff should do at quarterback. There were many who did not even want Malik Zaire transferring to Florida because it upset an already delicate situation and would likely take practice reps from one or more of the young up and coming prospects on the team. I disagreed with that assessment then and I still do. At the VERY least, Zaire’s presence means Michigan must prepare for the read-option along with everything else they have seen on our film. Plus, his presence forces Felipe Franks to win that starting job every day in practice which can only be a positive thing. More importantly, I don’t know about you but I am sick of going into the stretch run in November without a healthy SEC caliber quarterback available and the Gators have done exactly that every year for six straight seasons. In my opinion, you cannot possibly have too many game capable quarterbacks on this roster.

As for who starts, starting Zaire would be utter foolishness unless the staff has installed a scheme that will take advantage of his running ability. Asking him to stand in the pocket and run

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