Jesse Hollett

ORANGE PARK – The business building at 418 Kingsley Avenue is home to a beauty salon, a jewelry store, a tech shop, and, as of Nov. 17, the Town of Orange Park’s first CBD Dispensary.

CBD oil, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, has been legal since the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ bill passed in 2014. But the 400 square foot room inside of a shared office space overlooking Town Hall Park is the first the town has seen of the medicine.

Oils, vapors and edibles made with the medicine originate from strains of marijuana that are high in CBD, but low in the ‘high’ producing compound tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The compound has no psychoactive properties, meaning users only receive medicinal benefits, not the euphoric high of marijuana. CBD oil can also come from hemp.

“I’m here to help the people and it’s been a long time since the product has been out and no one carries it,” said Harry Satur, who owns the dispensary. “I thought it would be a really good idea to help out the community for people suffering with dancer and stuff like that.”

The store sells a variety of products to facilitate the usage of the medicine, as well. Users can ingest the medicine with chocolate shipped from Denver, Colorado – equivalent to a day’s dose, and vape the product using electronic cigarettes. The store also sells the more traditional CBD hemp oils ranging in dosage level from 200 milligrams to 5,000 milligrams.

Patients can help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy, post-traumatic stress syndrome and multiple sclerosis – among other diseases.

“It’s a new thing here and hopefully it will take off,” Satur said. “We’ve had several customers already. They’re very happy that we opened up.”

The shop’s opening comes less than ten days after Clay County

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