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Prixus Medical

8624 Lee Vista Blvd

Orlando, FL 32829

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine , & Metabolic Nutrition

Hours: Mon & Wed 8:30-7:00, Tues & Thurs 8:30-4:30, Fri 8:30-12pm

New Patients Accepted

Phone: 407-720-3209

Website: Prixus Medical

Jonathan Hodge
Jonathan Hodge
20:53 06 Aug 18
The office staff at Prixus Medical is the most dysfunctional, unorganized, clueless and incapable of performing their basic duties. I have been a patient with Doctor Bones since May 2017. More times than not, I had to provide payment info, inform them they hadn’t charged me, remind them to remind the doctor to refill my prescription. I was doing most of the work for them. I live over an hour away and they made me come into the office three times to sign paperwork appeasing the Florida tyrants ruining the medicinal marijuana industry. I get a call today because I haven’t been charged in months, nor have I had an active prescription. Now they are trying to make me pay for the past several months even though I had NO prescription. I’ve decided to find a local doctor...their office can’t be worse than this disaster of an office. Dr. Bones is extremely knowledgeable, but his staff are atrocious.read more
19:35 14 Jul 18
Stay away from this doctor!!! Terrible communication and DOES NOT CARE about the patients’ well being. My husband has chronic pain issues and got his card. In 2017, he was hospitalized for most of the year and had 6 operations. At one point he politely asked the Dr to up his dosage and mgs because his pain was so severe (keep in mind he had 6 operations in one year). He needed more mgs to which the Dr. accused him of being a drug dealer and said “you’re a drug dealer and must be dealing” and he wouldn’t raise his mgs for pain. Whenever I did have to drive my husband to a store, either the prescription wasn’t called in or he wasn’t prescribed the right dosages. The Dr. charged our account for $75 in one month. Apparently they had missed charging the normal $25 per month and without notifying us put the charge through. Are you kidding me??? NOT our fault and maybe you should have communication with the patients as to what you are taking from our account so as not screw up our funds. This month my husband called their office on July 9th to confirm that his account was in good standing and the receptionist said yes, everything is good. So, they charged the card for the $25 on July 12th. Meanwhile, his PRESCRIPTION WAS CANCELLED on July 10th but mind you he was still charged on the 12th, AFTER HE WAS CANCELLED. HOW IS THIS RIGHT? We just left the store today. AGAIN...we wasted gas and time to get there and have to turn around empty handed. My husband is in severe pain and this Dr. has not been there throughout his rehabilitation and has made matters worse instead of better. There are many Dr’s in Florida now helping patients like my husband get the medicine that they need. This is NOT one of them.read more
ryan wolff
ryan wolff
14:18 05 Sep 17
It was a pleasant experience, very clean and well kept environment, free snacks and water, prompt and professional staff. And the Doctor is very knowledgeable with his practice. I will be seeing this doctor from now on.read more
Donna Grande
Donna Grande
12:17 11 Oct 17
Patricia Lopez
Patricia Lopez
16:41 31 Aug 18
Dr. Bones is amazing! I took my husband there for some chronic pain he has and he has had for years. I did not know what to expect from him. However, he is very easy to talk to. I feel that he is very honest and he asks many questions. We have been looking for a primary care doctor for my husband for a long time. The doctors before made my husband fee like he was just getting blown off. This is the first who didn't make him feel that way, and I am witness to that as I go with him to all his appointments. Thank you Doctor Bones! We are so happy we found you! Also, the receptionist is amazingly nice as well. Super sweet to my 4 year old daughter when I had to bring her to my husband's 2nd visit!read more
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