Our 10th Anniversary with St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale by 3 Daughters

Today is the 10th anniversary of Florida Beer Blog!

What started as a silly little hobby on a trip has grown to a significantly larger silly little hobby with over 1,400 individual posts, a podcast with over 150 episodes, and a large backlog of beers to drink, people to talk to, and content to release.

While I may not be at the level of something like Beer Advocate, I appreciate everybody that has come in and taken a look, enjoying the blog even for an article or two.

The truth is, I never anticipated anyone would really take notice, especially in the craft beer industry. But somehow the word has gotten around, and the first to reach out all those years ago was St. Petersburg-based 3 Daughters.

I can even remember the first 3 Daughters beer I had. It would eventually be renamed Rod Bender Red, and I had it on draft at San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine. After that article was published, they reached out to thank me and tell me a little more about their brewery.

That was when I realized maybe I could go deeper with the posts and eventually

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