For frequent beachgoers, there’s nothing like finding buried treasure along the shoreline.

But it doesn’t always have to be buried to be considered treasure.

According to the St. John’s County Sheriff department, packages of cannabis have been washing up on the Florida shore. But as enticing as 30-pounds of herb might sound, deputies are urging citizens to refrain from bringing the loot home.

Packages of Marijuana Have Been Washing Up on Florida Shore

Last Thursday, a 30-pound package of marijuana was found on the shore of the Ponte Vedra Beach, after a man spotted a suspicious package during a casual walk. Over the weekend, an additional package was found, which led to the local police department’s message to beachgoers: Please don’t take it.

“Last week, deputies located a package containing marijuana, which had washed ashore,” the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office tweeted on Monday. “Over the weekend, the Coast Guard and SJSO located more in the ocean. If you encounter any of these, do not take possession of them! Call your nearest LEO to have them collected and destroyed.”

Last week, deputies located a package containing Marijuana, which had washed ashore. Over the weekend, the Coast Guard and SJSO located

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