Pam Keith ad evokes Jeffrey Epstein to attack Brian Mast over rape jokes, while new Mast ad promotes rape victim advocacy

Democratic candidate Pam Keith is out with a new ad hammering GOP Rep. Brian Mast over old social media posts where he joked about rape and sleeping with underage girls.

In doing so, the ad evokes billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of having sex with dozens of underage and died in prison while awaiting charges on those crimes.

Keith’s ad is already running on TV stations inside Florida’s 18th Congressional District. This past weekend, the Mast campaign also released an ad highlighting his advocacy for a St. Lucie rape survivor.

CD 18, which Mast currently represents, covers parts of northern Palm Beach County and extends into Martin and St. Lucie counties.

Epstein’s sordid history has ties to Palm Beach County. His 2008 Palm Beach case ended with a plea deal that resulted in Epstein spending just 13 months in jail. He spent much of that 13-month jail stay on supervised release outside of prison, during which he reportedly continued to victimize women.

That makes Keith’s decision to feature Epstein in the ad particularly significant. The 30-second spot features a photo of Epstein while a narrator reads aloud Mast’s controversial Facebook comments.

“I’m so

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