The Florida Constitution Revision Commission is heading to the finish line, with a dozen ballot proposals up for final votes next week.

The 37-member commission, which is unique to Florida, meets every 20 years and has the power to place proposed changes to the state constitution directly on the Nov. 6 general-election ballot.

After months of committee hearings, 15 public hearings across the state and preliminary debate and floor votes, the commission is ready for a series of final decisions on the proposed ballot issues. The commission will meet Monday in the Capitol and could continue meeting throughout the week.

Each of the 12 proposals must be supported by at least 22 members to be placed on the ballot. Proposals then would have to be supported by at least 60 percent of voters in November to be enacted.

The 12 ballot proposals actually contain two dozen changes to the state constitution because six of the measures contain multiple issues. The other six proposals are single-subject ballot measures.

One example of a ballot proposal grouping several topics is a measure (Proposal 6004) that combines a ban on drilling for gas and oil in state coastal waters with a prohibition on vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces.

An example of a single-subject proposal is a measure (Proposal 6012) that would ban greyhound racing at Florida tracks after Dec. 31, 2020.

The bundling of multiple proposals in single ballot proposals was sharply criticized by a coalition of groups including the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, the First Amendment Foundation, the Florida AFL-CIO and the League of Women Voters of Florida.

In a letter to Constitution Revision Commission members, the coalition said the bundling of the proposals before final votes

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