Parkway Dispensary to open this summer – Forest Park Review

Forest Park will soon get its first cannabis dispensary.

Parkway Dispensary is likely to open next month. 

Parkway Dispensary is a product of the 1937 Group, a vertically integrated company that grows cannabis and distributes it to more than 170 Illinois dispensaries. 

The 1937 Group opened Parkway Dispensary in Tilton late last year to sell its own products. The Parkway in Forest Park will be the business’ second location, and the first and only dispensary on Madison Street following a village council vote to cap the number of dispensaries along the corridor.

The 1937 Group bought Doc Ryan’s in September, after a different dispensary was set to buy the building and pulled out of the deal in March 2023.

Earlier this year, construction started to turn Doc Ryan’s bar, which has been on Madison Street for about 70 years, into the Parkway Dispensary. 

Ambrose Jackson | Provided

“It was important to retain as much of the character of the space as possible,” said Ambrose Jackson, chairman and CEO of the 1937 Group. Though, the building’s interior got a facelift. 

The inside of the building is two floors, with the lower level housing Parkway Dispensary. Jackson said the

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