Jordan Parks from Washington State says that, although marijuana may be legal elsewhere, passengers shouldn’t ruin their own fun by trying to bring it on the Holy Ship! cruise.

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The Norwegian cruise ship Epic returned to port early Wednesday morning. Dozens were taken into custody Saturday morning for drug offenses while in the terminal waiting to board the ship, including a popular DJ. The cruise was know as the Holy Ship, a popular cruise with a youthful party crowd.(Photo: MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA TODAY)Buy Photo

PORT CANAVERAL_The party ship carrying thousands of revelers out to sea for a music festival, returned to Port Canaveral on Wednesday, less than a week after a New York-based DJ and two dozen others were arrested on marijuana and other drug charges.

The arrests – which involved federal, state and local law enforcement efforts – took place Saturday during embarkation for the Norwegian Epic, a cruise ship hosting the Holy Ship! festival and designed for 4,000 people.

Local and federal agents patrolled the area with drug-detecting police dogs and there was at least one report of a person acting erratically, believed to be intoxicated at the port as the ship prepared to leave. 

EARLIER STORY: Nearly two dozen arrested ahead of Holy Ship! party cruise at Port Canaveral

Authorities said the arrests offer a cautionary tale to tourists and travelers to be aware of Florida’s drug laws regarding cannabis and related products.

Several of those arrested also carried medical marijuana cards from California — something not legally recognized in Florida where state legislators are still working out the kinks for in-state residents. Bottom line, said prosecutors, medicinal marijuana from others states is still illegal in the Sunshine state.

The ship, the Norwegian Epic, returned to