– The families impacted by a massive sinkhole in Pasco County finally received some relatively good news Monday: the water supply appears to be unaffected.

Experts collected samples from 20 homes, including the closest ones to the hole, and determined there was no E. Coli contamination.

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It became a concern in the days after the massive sinkhole, measuring more than 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep, swallowed most of two homes in the Lake Padgett community of Land O’ Lakes. Boats, a car, and septic tanks were among the other items that collapsed into the ground.

In a news release late Monday afternoon, officials wrote, “There is no evidence at this point that any wells are contaminated. Citizens can drink bottled water if they feel concerned. The county is working with Florida Department of Health to determine if any additional testing needs to be done.”

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The focus is now shifting to what’s next: crews will have to determine how to fill the sinkhole and whether that will include draining it.

In the meantime, homeowners living around it aren’t sure they want to return to their homes even if they can.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable living there again… it’s just too close,” said Emily Geldbaugh, who lives next door to the two homes that were destroyed, calling the ordeal “mind-boggling.”

Geldbaugh’s family members, along with several Pasco deputies, helped her collect some belongings from her home, including a bed and some valuables.

“Pictures, business papers, memorabilia from the past,” she said, describing the things she wants to retrieve.

County officials don’t have a set time frame on how long it could take before engineers

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