Representative Paul Ryan said he’ll run for U.S. House speaker if Republicans unify behind him and accede to his other demands, meeting early resistance from the conservative faction that drove John Boehner from the job.
Ryan’s proposal, aired at a Tuesday night meeting of House Republicans, is his vision of a path to end turmoil gripping the party just two weeks before Congress must decide whether to raise the U.S. debt limit. 
It wasn’t clear that Ryan’s approach would work. He risks a backlash from conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus by seeking a change to the procedure they threatened to employ to remove Boehner as speaker. Boehner, an Ohio Republican, decided to resign rather than fight the effort.

“How does giving Paul Ryan more power solve the problem of John Boehner having had too much power?”
Representative Tim Huelskamp
“How does giving Paul Ryan more power solve the problem of John Boehner having had too much power?” asked Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, a Freedom Caucus member. “Every organization has a way to remove its leaders.”
Huelskamp also complained that members wanted to question Ryan about some of his demands and comments during the closed-door session, but weren’t allowed to do so.
Republicans face some urgency to resolve their leadership crisis. Congress must raise the federal debt limit by Nov. 3 or risk default. Lawmakers also need to replenish the federal highway fund by Oct. 29 and resolve disputes over federal spending by Dec. 11 or face a government shutdown, something Boehner couldn’t head off in 2013.
No Clear Alternative
If conservatives were to scuttle Ryan’s plan, he said he is prepared to stay in his current post as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Republicans then would be left without any clear alternative. Boehner has said he’ll stay until his replacement is selected.
Several members of the hard-line Freedom Caucus — a group of almost 40 conservatives — refused to immediately commit to support Ryan. Caucus co-leader Justin Amash of Michigan said the group still supports its candidate for speaker, Representative Daniel Webster of Florida.
Caucus member Mo Brooks of Alabama said he’s concerned about Ryan’s immigration stance on “amnesty and open borders,” and that he wants to hear from constituents before the House …Read More

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