Prestige Medical is a recommending medical marijuana doctor clinic in Pensacola, Florida that is now seeing patients in the Escambia County area to qualify them for medicinal cards. We welcome them to Florida Dispensaries & Doctors. Please rate your experience if you have been to this MMJ doctor clinic in Pensacola to help others in the Escambia County area. If you would like to post a written review contact us here.

Prestige Medical

103 South Navy Blvd

Pensacola, Florida 32507

Specialties: Pediatrics – Opiate Addiction

Hours: Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm — Fridays 10am – 1pm

Phone: 850-291-0874

Initial Visit: $200- Follow-Up Visit: $100- Renewal Visit: $100

***Doctors & Clinics that recommend medical cannabis products for treatment in Pensacola do not sell or dispense cannabis/marijuana products. They are medical offices that strictly provide medical services.***

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