Percussionist William Hicks makes a joyful noise as Bl_ank at CityArts Monday night

Order and chaos are the twin poles that guide what is generally accepted as music and that which is dismissed as noise. If Plato is correct and “rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of soul,” where then does the atonal, the distorted, the accidental, or the arrhythmic take us? What comes of straddling the chasm of control and release? The recorded and live works of Bl_ank wrestle with these dichotomies to create a psychedelic listening experience that is a journey inward and outward simultaneously.

Bl_ank is the working moniker of Nashville’s William Hicks. Classically trained on piano but working primarily as a percussionist, Hicks started his music career in a noise rock band before a personal loss moved him toward solo work just three years ago. “I needed to take a step back from everything and everybody to process it all. In that alone time I turned to music to try to healthily express these negative feelings,” says Hicks. “This isn’t the sole reason that I quit that band but it definitely made the move to solo work feel so natural.”

A marriage of frenetic live drumming and seemingly random and melodic synthesized sounds, Bl_ank’s music

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